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Vetyver Uomo
by Malizia


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About Vetyver Uomo

Vetyver Uomo is a masculine fragrance by Malizia.

Reviews of Vetyver Uomo

very weak skin scent. Too bad as has a nice smell but lasts like an hour.
Are the others by them any good? gold/silver/musk?
05th August, 2017
I feel a bit out of place being the first to give this a thumbs down, as I am among far more educated noses than myself here, and this was also recommended to me by one such member on here whose opinions I value and whose suggestions and reviews have been very helpful to me. All of this leads me to wonder if perhaps I'm victim to a more recent formulation that falls short? In any case, I've been trying to come up with how to explain just why this one doesn't work for me. I know it doesn't fit my usual powerhouse or thereabouts preferences, but for example I sometimes particularly during the summer enjoy wearing Acqua Di Gio from time to time as a refreshing departure from my usual, so I think I can usually appreciate a fragrance for whatever it is in itself including if it's outside my personal preferences or even something that I feel doesn't fit me and I wouldn't wear. In other words, I'd at least like to think I'm capable of a fair, "It's nice, just not for me." This one though, no matter where I try to place it, it just doesn't seem to work, I honestly just can't find any appreciation for it. If it has a voice, I just don't get it.
02nd February, 2015
Fresh, citrus, floral open gives way to a linear vetiver note with poor sillage and average longevity. Vetiver on training wheels. 3 out of 5.
18th August, 2014
Great inexpensive vetiver with a smell that ratiates quality. If you wonder, what it is similar to, imagine the excellent Nobile Vetiver by Chopard with a touch of Baime by MPG - there you have it.
12th November, 2013
This is definitely the best vetiver I've ever smelled. It's sweet, but not too sweet. I own Encre Noir and have tried Guerlain's vetiver, but prefer this one.
15th March, 2013
What can I say.. I wore this $20 fragrance through most of highschool and it's 100% nostalgia for me, maybe hence my 5 star rating.. But it lasts forever, and to date, is probably my favorite scent of all time. The whole reason I even joined this website was to find a cologne that might be considered "Malizia on steroids" and of much higher quality.. So if you know anything that smells just like this, tell me!
07th December, 2012

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