Calèche Eau Délicate (2003)
    by Hermès

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    Calèche Eau Délicate information

    Calèche Eau Délicate is a women's fragrance by Hermès. The scent was launched in 2003

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    Italy Italy

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    Cottony, rosey and a bit ozonic, this is the Eau Delicate version of the great Caleche, a very gentle office-daily time semi opaque  floral-aldehydic scent with a leathery temperament, a touch of salt and pepper and an airy dimention because of the projecting role soaring from the aldehydes. The latter are classic  in the link with citrus, rose-jasmine and cedarwood. Very classy, a bit powdery, delicately floral and discreet. 

    10th March, 2012

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    United States United States

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    Soft, peppery, linear...boring. Granted, it is a safe scent, unoffensive, but it's just sorta blah.

    30th July, 2008

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    United States United States

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    The "weakest" of the four scents I'e tried. Still better than many others out there. A soft, fruity top dries down quickly, it doersn't last long, but if you have experienced New York on a typical summer's day- that's about all you can take. Feminine, sweet, light.

    19 September, 2006

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    Well, looks like I'm the first bad review for Caleche eau Delicate! For some reason, on my skin this smells just like very strong celery seed. The lasting power (as in all Hermes scents) is incredible. This does soften to something soft and somewhat tolerable, but to me not worth the 120 minutes of smelling like a spice jar full of celery seed. On my swap list :)

    20th April, 2006

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    Hermes is very clever...although i prefer the original version of caleche, there was a dire need for one scent that won't smother you in the hot and heavy days of summer and that is not as citrucy as eau d'orange vert or eau d'hermes...and this one fits the bill just right. It is not a linear scent but at times it may feel like it is, because the notes come back and forth and the freshness may surpise you even after a couple of hours have passed. Just the right amount of sweet and even a bit metallic on the top notes (wich are my least favorite) the scent just glides with clean smoothness. I wouldn't call it sophisticated and it may even be forgettable to some because it's not too much of anything...
    pretty uncomplicated scent with good longevity. spring day freshness. and it really is delicate!

    12 April, 2006

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