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Guess Man (2006)
by Guess


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Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

PerfumerSteven Demercado
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Beauty
Parent Company at launchParlux

About Guess Man

Guess Man is a masculine fragrance by Guess. The scent was launched in 2006 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Steven Demercado

Guess Man fragrance notes

Reviews of Guess Man

The is really boring... Right around the time this was released, the market started getting flooded with mediocre, generic/fresh scents that were too afraid to make a statement. This, along with CK Free, Ecko and other pedestrian scents just bore me to death. These are targeted to a younger audience and are manufactured (notice I didn't use the word "created") just to make a quick buck. I realize that we all have our preferences when it comes to certain things: music, food, fragrance - but I am of the opinion that excellence should be recognized and mediocrity should not be celebrated. Just bothers me to see so much of this garbage crowding the shelves, but I'm happy that at least I have found a couple of secret spots that still sell niche and vintage scents of class and distinction.
17th April, 2016
This is the epicenter, the reference point scent for modern masculine banality (well really it shares that title with a little frag called Exceptional...Because You Are). While the opening is fresh, the bulk of this scent is vague and watercolored,and it doesn't smell particularly natural. It comes across in body and effect much like every grapefruit and cardamom sports flanker in the decade since, so it occupies space in a crowded field. Guess Man isn't the worst of the bunch and is basically inoffensive, but there is really no point to it, as there are far superior and more amiable room sprays and cleaning products. Just not something I'd ever reach for if I owned it.
16th December, 2015

Luminously clean and Deceptively simple but masterly weave,Ginger and Musk combination are manly and sensual but without any sort of pretense,as befitting a true nice product.A rich yet inoffensive composition that is relaxed and fresh,GUESS MAN mixes fresh greens with slightly citrus and rich herbs with fragrant spices,to create a distinctively masculine blend to invigorate and comfort.

Aromatic,Musky,Appealing,Refreshing,Spirited,Subtle, Energetic and Daytime fact light-smelling citrus cologne yet substantial,with intense ginger and herbal accords that reveal themselves over the warm base composed of the most sensual modern ingredients that this part is more lovely than opening for me.

GUESS MAN is quite suitable for the active and modern man.My favorite time to wear this scent is on the hottest sweltering days of Summer.totally i wouldn't say this is a original Citrus-Aromatic but it is a nice fresh scent and also a safe choice for Everyday wear.

Sillage?Pretty Good.

Longevity?Average on my skin.

01st June, 2015
The opening is sweet take on the classical fougère gambit, with a rich orange rind note, plenty of aromatics, and powdery aldehydic accents. For aromatic content Guess Men relies on pungent clary sage, cilantro, and lavender, all decorated with a peculiarly sharp, almost cheese-like grace note.

Guess Men is a poster boy for the importance of testing fragrances on the skin. On paper, the animalic content smells like a miscalculation – strident to the point of stinking. On skin, everything falls into balance, and the combination of sweet and fetid compels just as effectively as in the very different contexts of Eau d’Hermes, Kouros, Jicky, Jules, and Maître Parfumeur et Gantier’s Jardin du Nil.

Guess Men’s drydown is a dense and traditionally styled barbershop accord of powdery amber, cedar, and sandalwood. It’s highly dignified, but the intense powder leaves it feeling a bit staid – even stuffy – for my tastes. I’ve said the same of such well-respected classics as New York and Bois du Portugal, so please take my opinion with the appropriate grain of salt.
15th June, 2014
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
way down. very synthetic and unappealing. ok air freshener.
12th November, 2012
Always been a favorite of mine! Very easy to wear, day or night and any occasion really. I feel good wearing this one.
04th September, 2011

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