Une Rose (2003)
by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle


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Year of Launch2003
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseEditions de Parfums Frederic Malle
PerfumerEdouard Flechier
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Une Rose

Une Rose is a feminine perfume by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle. The scent was launched in 2003 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Edouard Flechier

Reviews of Une Rose

Aw, man . . . this should have been a TKO for me. I'm an enormous admirer of Edouard Flechier, and a complete ho for rose perfumes. Seriously, I'll wear just about anything rosey. Unfortunately, Une Rose involves this aromachemical called Karanal, which Luca Turin says smells like urine to "a small subset of women," of which I am apparently a member.

I can smell great rose materials, and an interesting structure, and an appealing dirty quality in Une Rose that normally would have me going straight to my wishlist, and trolling eBay in search of deals. But that Karanal--it's not like the urinous note in, say, Cadavre Exquis, which smells like an old-school pissoir in high summer, straight out of a Jean Genet novel; it's more like the scent of stale dog pee after you've repeatedly shampooed a rug where the little guy made his mark more than once. It mostly hovers on the edges until the drydown starts, at which point (since I think it's some sort of woody amber material) it becomes the main event.

But--as it turns out, Une Rose has been reformulated without the Karanal. I smelled a sample of the new stuff recently, and it's lovely--lovely, and unfortunately, quite ordinary. I'll happily wear my sample of the new stuff and enjoy it while it lasts, but I'm not shelling out Frederic Malle money for a nice rose. Not while so many excellent roses can be had for a quarter of the price.

I really wish I had been able to experience the original as it was meant to be smelled--the people who love it go into transports of ecstasy when they talk about Une Rose. I love truffles, and I love dirt, and I'm seriously not easily put off by animalics--I routinely wear Salome and La Nuit without a second thought--but the old Une Rose just made me feel like I needed to clean the house or something. And the new one . . . well, it's beautiful, but it's also, unfortunately, quite ordinary. It's worth a sample, just to enjoy the excellent quality materials, but the new composition doesn't live up to its promise, its heritage, or its reputation.
23rd June, 2017
Love's Oracle -- Albert Ritzberger -- 1900
20th March, 2017
Stardate 20170217:

A refreshing twist on the current oud-rose trend. The sweetness of rose is contrasted with earthy and dirty vetiver and "truffle accord".

Well-blended and easily wearable. Recommended
17th February, 2017
A rose soliflore with a very light woody amber base.

This is rose, alright, true and big and blowzy. The sillage is incredible, filling the room as if a pressurized room spray had been used. The quality is very high. Turin tells us that perfumer Flechier used a "high vacuum, low temperature distillation process" to create this "heady, liquerlike" rose, "dry, silken, peppery."

He also used a "Quest molecule called Karanal" to give us the woody, ambery notes.

The result is possibly the best rose soliflore out there, bold and brash, but sophisticaed and brave as well. A very old-fashioned, in a good way, fragrance. Too bad the price is so very high.
27th February, 2016
this is the ultimate english garden rose. a real, fresh, genuine big red rose, standing proudly in a garden emanating it´s fragrance with intoxicating power. I love it.
14th February, 2016
This was the costliest fragrance lesson I've ever made. I smelled it once at Barney's Dallas, loved it, and thought I'd never have money to get a bottle. When I finally did have the money, I got it and it made me sick like nothing I've ever encountered. I have worn all the big ones-- Angel, vintage Poison, Giorgio, Opium, Magie Noire-- and none have affected me so negatively. For months I persisted, thinking it must be some other environmental factor that was responsible. I wanted this to be *me* so badly, loved the idea of a man wearing the ultimate narcotic rose. Indeed, my few positive experiences with it were on drugs and they were amazing-- one was while watching Melancholie der Engel, the most disturbing art movie ever. Une Rose will always remind me of that time, and all in all I suppose that is enough. I gave it away soon after since nothing can be done with a perfume that makes the wearer ill. Happily, the friend I gave it to is a Morticia Addams-esque drag queen and she adores it. I can finally say that I have no need for Frederic Malle fragrances; we are incompatible.
22nd January, 2015

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