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    Colin Maillard
    Italy Italy

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    I recall Turin's review about this fragrance, and being a fan of traditional coffee making, I must disagree with the "coffee roasting" note he smells here. I don't get it. I get coffee, but not that much and surely not "roasty". All I smell is a bold, kind of soothing and powdery scent of tanning cream, just less creamy and more flowery, but definitely a seaside madeleine (not in the "iodine" sense; more "lying on the beach"). The main structure here is fairly complex and interesting, as I get both a flower and aerial accord blended with a more dense, edible accord of liquorice, coffee, and vanilla. Beautiful, delicate, elegant sandy drydown.


    04 April, 2014 (Last Edited: 05 April, 2014)

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    I think Un bois vanille is just too much of a good thing. The vanilla overpowers the sandalwood and everything else. Don't get me wrong. Vanilla has always been a favourite of mine. It is an important part of my personal olfactory palette as well. However, it does not have to be that sweet. I wonder what Un bois vanille would smell like if the vanilla/sandalwood ratio were a little more balanced...

    23 March, 2014

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    Coconut and vanilla heaven.

    The licorice plays a brilliant role in toning down the sweetness and adding a slightly bitter aura around the scent. Sandalwood joins forces to balance things even more.

    2-3 sprays on the chest is all you need and it will last all day. Spray too much and it will suffocate you.

    One of my favorite gourmands and arguably my favorite Serge Lutens.

    06 January, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Reminds me of a cup coffee with a touch of milk. True gourmand fragrance. I get about 7 hours from this one. 8/10

    06 December, 2013

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    tempest moon

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    Being not used to the world of gourmands, I must admit this one took me by surprise by how sweet it was. Very much like toffee candy was my first impression, or vanilla fudge. This is the sweetest gourmand I have tried. I could see how this could be appreciated by many people. I myself would love to smell this on someone. However it is the very best kind of fragrance if sweet, sugary, cloying gourmands are your thing. To someone else this could be a masterpiece in that field. To me, it's just caramel toffee candy. But still it would smell nice on the right person, of that I'm sure.

    21st November, 2013

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    A Benchmark Vanilla - one of the best!

    Often the pleasure and excitement produced is due to the original blending of a number of complex components. At other times, the mastering of one or two component and pure intensity can give similar pleasure. This is of the latter type.

    The vanilla is beautiful, absooooolutely beautiful. Rich, creamy, but more on the brighter side. The sandalwood is light, maybe overwhelmed by its partner at times, but it gives the vanilla a good counterpoint. A touch of coconut in the dry-down can be traced. In essence, this is vanilla delight. After the first couple of hours, the sweetness is much reduced on my skin, and is is never cloying on me. Excellent projection and silage, and a tremendous longevity of around nine hours.

    04 August, 2013

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