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New Haarlem (2003)
by Bond No. 9


New Haarlem information

Year of Launch2003
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseBond No. 9
PerfumerMaurice Roucel
Parent CompanyLaurice & Co

About New Haarlem

From the Bond No. 9 press release: "What more fitting locale than Harlem, legendary for its on-the-edge verve, to riff on our lush, lingering, intoxicating brew of bergamot, cedarwood, coffee, vanilla, patchouli, and lavender? If George Gershwin had been a perfumer, these are the notes he'd have used for this burnished perfume rhapsody. A stunning about-face after the light splash-scents of the past decade, New Haarlem captures the out-on-the-town elegance and the proud, bold independence of one of the great neighborhoods of New York–--and the world. It's also our entre nous way of thanking the rap musicians and rock artists who've come downtown to buy Bond No. 9's original fragrances. With New Haarlem, Bond No. 9 returns the favor. "

New Haarlem fragrance notes

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Reviews of New Haarlem

IHOP. For those in parts of the world that are unfamiliar with IHOP, New Haarlem is what an unhealthy breakfast smells like in America.
09th October, 2015
This is what Mr. Roger's sweater would smell like.
11th March, 2015
Wonderful fall fragrance. Nothing much to add to the other reviews but this really does smell like drinking a cup of sweet coffee at a pancake house. Coffee, waffle, maple syrup and a ton of sweetness. Warm and inviting and virtually impossible to dislike. Projects like a beast and lasts and lasts. Single note fragrance with zero drydown but the nose never gets bored and it never feels cloying.

Check out ck one shock - its way cheaper and it has the same vibe going on. Any way, new Haarlem should be in everyone's collections - gourmand done right and can be worn any season by anybody.

Top marks!
03rd March, 2015
Definitely had my phase with this one. It's a powdery syrup-cinnamon-coffee fragrance with a lot of cedar. It's strong, last a while and is nice, but eventually I got kinda sick of it. Not very versatile but has its place in an already established collection.

03rd February, 2015
If I wanted to smell like this I would go to the closest Starbucks, get a cafe au lait, put tons of sugar and vanilla and pour it all over me.
I like the smell of coffee, but not ON me, capiche?
10th January, 2015
A tad disappointed with this fragrance. I agree that the opening is very much coffee with hints of lavender and a cacao note.

But that's all the opening. 3-4 hours in, the mid and base notes is more about tonka, amber and vanilla than coffee, which is what the reviews here rave about. Longevity is decent at 6-8 hours, not the beast that people talk about here.

Looking to sell this, used 10-12 sprays, if anyone is interested and is a fan.

Its good, just not great.

PS: people smell coffee beans after sniffing numerous fragrances. No surprise that olfactory fatigue may kick in really quickly for this fragrance.

PPS: the best coffee frag I've smelt so far is Eau Noire from Dior. But that has other notes like immortelle that put me off. Anyone have recommendations?
01st December, 2014

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