Frederick's of Hollywood (2004)
    by Frederick's of Hollywood

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    If only this fragrance weren't discontinued! I used to work at Freddy's, and when word got out that it was being discontinued, I actually had a woman come in and buy almost $400 worth of the fragrance -- all of the bottles we had left! Then, over the next few weeks, I had many frantic women come in, asking if we had any left, and one lady even bought a tester bottle that had 1/3 of it gone! She said that she had bought all that she could online, and was devastated that her signature fragrance was gone for good.
    I agreed with all those women; F is a gorgeous fragrance, well-blended and seductive with just enough floral to keep it from ending up dirty. I actually filched all of the old tester bottles that I could because I too loved the fragrance so much -- it really didn't smell bad on anyone, whether they came into the boutique with it on or tried it on in the store! My boyfriend of the time expressed serious disappointment when I wasn't "smelling like a bombshell" anymore once those bottles ran out.
    R.I.P. ... but please come back from the dead!

    25 September, 2009

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    I could say this perfume is so good it is probably my second favorite. F by Frederick's of Hollywood is totally sensual and even the bottle, with the sensual shape of the curves of a woman, suggests the pheromonic power it has. Every time I wear it men ask me what I'm wearing because it turns them on. A total winner ladies, if you want to try it you're gonna have to go to one of the retail stores as it is EXCLUSIVE to Frederick's of Hollywood, you can also get it online at their website. By the way, it is an oriental smell. A+

    04 August, 2006

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