Casma (new) (2001)
    by Caswell-Massey

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    I never got to try the old version of Casma, and the new one is spoiled for me by the presence of the artificial sandalwood note which spoils so many contemporary perfumes, including Tam Dao. I wish I could have tried it before the reformulation!

    03 December, 2009

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    Starts with a powdery, Christmas cookie assortment odor. Pleasant, nice quality, but doesn't hold my attention like it should.

    15 August, 2008

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    This gorgeous potion of creamy florals and ebonized spices--smeared with vanillic undertones--has sadly been discontinued. While it was a potent blend, it also had a magical, exciting quality to it---like decadence rolling off black velvet. The new release packaging was charming, too. Very "Gatsby-esque", roaring twenties and unique against the competition. Imagine a flapper with a massive gardenia adorning her hair, wearing a corsage of orchids against black velvet; she occasionally slips licorice/absinthe liquor from a hidden thigh flask, dabs more creamy powder on her nose, fixes kohl and turquoise eye makeup before heading into the big city--search lights rolling and signs blinking--for a night out. "Casma" would be the scent simmering on her decollete and knees. What's happened to Caswell-Massey? Why are they abandoning historical, brand-specific scents that were so packed with character and energy? Sadly, they're heading down the dull, soulless path of "Bath and Bodyworks" and "Victoria's Secret" scent choices. Bring back spicy, passionate "Casma"!

    01st August, 2008

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