1828 (2001)
by Histoires de Parfums


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Year of Launch2001
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HouseHistoires de Parfums

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1828 is a masculine fragrance by Histoires de Parfums. The scent was launched in 2001

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Reviews of 1828

I was ready for another fern-n-fir release but upon application was mercifully surprised to find a cool and fresh citrus backed by a strangely sharp -and- smooth wood - there must be nutmeg involved. I am reminded of the odd effect it lent to Van Cleef's Zanzibar. Any instance of camphor you'll catch with this will be tiny, but the vetiver is a clean and pleasant one. This is a very enjoyable scent, but one which has been stylistically plundered by every crap clothing outfitter in every American mall. If you are looking to graduate from your Banana Republic, Abercrombie, or American Eagle woody-aquatic, might I suggest its distinguished father, 1828?
01st February, 2016
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A lemon-grapefruit opening exuding freshness is accentuated by a mildly peppery drydown, which is not too dark and sharp. The base is made up by a lovely cedarwood with vetiver giving is a nice green bright tone.

All is well made, appearing not too generic, has moderate sillage, good projection and five hours if longevity. Nice 3/5
11th April, 2015
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
1828 is a very nice scent from this house. I have been wearing it for a few days and have been strongly reminded of something and it finally came to me--this reminds me of a cooler Endymion, which is one of my favorite scents. Citrus on top, nutmeg and pepper in the middle and woods and incense down below in both cases. I say cooler because of the astringent eucalyptus in the top notes and the lack of the gourmand coffee note that appears in Endymion. Taken on its own merits, this is very good and something I am comfortable wearing and it performs well in the heat as well as in cooler weather. Histoires de Parfums, with its literary inspirations, is a very interesting house, although I do not really get Victorian travel when I smell this--around the world, to the center of the earth or under the sea. This is too much of a sexy and modern comfort scent to summon up Fogg and and his valet Passepartout although if this is what adventurers smelled like back then, I say let the journey begin!
23rd July, 2014
Genre: Citrus

I would have expected the listed eucalyptus top note to jump out at me, but its familiar camphoraceous blast is nowhere to be sensed. In fact, this scent is oddly elusive when it’s first applied. Only after an hour or more of wear does 1828’s shy, irresolute citrus/floral nebula coalesce into a tangible accord of spiced wood and rose. Even then, 1828 is a staid and taciturn fragrance, all discretion and propriety. It strikes me as the most “historical” in mood of the Histoires de Parfums scents I’ve tried; so resolutely Edwardian that I can practically hear an Elgar march if I hold the sample vial to my ear.

In keeping with its overall reserve, 1828 offers little by way of sillage or projection. Instead, it’s the kind of scent you have to seek out on the skin. I might consider the search worth making were 1828 possessed of more obvious flair, but I think it lacks the character to make up for its reticence. Insufficiently distinctive or assertive for its high price, 1828 leaves me disappointed.
09th June, 2014
Fresh, primarily pseudo-citrus opening – pleasant and original – it has a dignified herbal aura to it as is usual for a Histoires de Parfums fragrance; I think of that sophisticated herbal nimbus of the opening as the Histoires de Parfums’ house accord. There is eucalyptus listed in the pyramid but I don’t get very much of it – it doesn’t come on strongly as eucalyptus usually does for me in fragrances, but what I can determine of the eucalyptus is beautifully neutralized by the nutmeg – again, a typical device of HdP. As usual, I don’t smell pepper, but the cedar, incense, vetiver, and pinecone accord arises from the citrus / eucalyptus / nutmeg opening accord with a beautiful, sophisticated, and gentle movement that lasts from heartnotes to the end of the base.

1828 Jules Verne is a translucent, natural, sophisticated, genuinely unisex fragrance that stays very close to the skin. It lasts about 3 or 4 hours on my dry skin.

(Afterthought: 1828 Jules Verne’s performance and ambiance is intriguing and subtle – so subtle that I lost track of the larger picture of it. It definitely provides a maritime feeling, but with the beautifully-structured herbal aura. Somehow I neglected using the word “aquatic” in this review. My realization and acceptance of this as a maritime theme occurred as a surprise to me: “Why didn’t I think ‘maritime’?” I guess because it is so uniquely natural when compared to most aquatics.)
21st February, 2014
It's a really good and pleasant citrus based fragrance with lots of woods and spices surrounding the citrusy notes.
The opening is a fresh and at the same time spicy citrusy scent with some woods and some sweetness in the background and I must admit that the quality is really good!
I can clearly smell tangerin and some other citruses like lemon and grapefruit, but the tangerine note is a little more prominent than other citruses.
There is a sharp peppery smell too and that's because of pepper and nutmeg but it's mostly pepper.
You can smell a very transparent and light woods too, but it's completely in the background.
As time goes by, the woods become stronger and incense kick in! the woods and incense combo create a dusty woody scent and they push the citruses in the background.
You can still smell the spices but they are not that strong like the opening.
In this part you will realize that this is not a fragrance for hot summer days because that woods and incense combo is a little too much and may get cloying in hot weather.
I believe it's a great scent for spring.
In the base the woods and incense and spices settle down and it's really interesting that the citruses are still there and you can smell them.
I can smell really weak tangerin and other citruses plus very light woods and spices in the background.
Projection is good and longevity is above average on my skin.
All and all, it's not a very different type of citrus based fragrance but it's really pleasant and also quality is really good.
Also the tangerin note is really natural and pleasant in this fragrance and I think it's the best part of the scent.
16th February, 2014

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