1873 Colette (2001)
by Histoires de Parfums


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About 1873 Colette

Having chosen her third name as a pen name, she was to become an admired literary woman, famous for both her literary and sensual freedom. Reflecting this happy sensual woman, 1873 is a gourmand and refined eau de parfum. Unsettling White Flowers Blossom in a light bubble, sparkling with Tangerine and Lemon.

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United Kingdom
A nicely refreshing bergamot opening with a lime twinge leads to a light flowery muguet drydown with a pleasant lavender note as sidekick. The base is richer and sweeter with its caramel-vanilla core making a pleasant finish.

Overall quite nice on my skin, with moderate sillage and projection and four hours of longevity. 3/5 I
12th April, 2015
Blech! There is no, zero, nada citrus here folks.
An odd, heavy.old-socks and furniture polish scent.
Heavy on the faux caramel and other foody nasties.
With an odd twangy note. Peanut shells? Old celery leaves?
Please... deliver me from this hell.
18th July, 2014
Beautiful opening comprising sweet, savoury orange/bergamot and citrus notes, delicate but vivid floral notes, lavender and spices on soft silky white musks and pungent, vibrant green notes providing a pleasant mossy and almost slightly earthy counterpart. Really nice and Mediterranean, although more in a "postcard" meaning (no rawness here). Fresh and cozy with a velvety, soft roundess which makes this refined and graceful but at the same time, sensual and carnal thanks to the breezy green "earthy" accord. Highly wearable and refined: a self-confident, beautiful, slightly aristocratic young lady enjoying her "vacanze italiane". Nothing unique, but still with a grace I find distinctive and tasteful. Also the persistence is surprisingly bold and long-lasting, considering it's a citrus scent. Then in eventually gently fades in a delicate musky/sweet aromatic drydown with orange blossom souvenirs, fairly close to skin, still nice.

04th May, 2014
Refreshing, light and airy citrus with a grapefruit tang to begin with. Sure there’s cat piss in the mix, but that’s all part of the grapefruit spectrum and frankly bothers me less than the poverty of ambition on display. There’s a touch of violet leaf, but in the main the green aspects seem to be struggling to express themselves. Within hours we’re down to a skin hugging base which is mainly pee over a trace of vanilla.
09th April, 2013
Luckyscent describe this as light white flowers and citrus, lemon tart and meringue. On my skin this smells sour and really unpleasant.
03rd October, 2012
I adore Histoires de Parfums 1969, and I admire Moulin Rouge for its olfactory magic. I love many of the notes (bergamot, neroli, vanilla, caramel). I pictured a bright gourmand scent based on the HdP website, which describes it as being evocative of a "lemon tart with meringue". I was most excited to try this sample.

My initial impression was of a jumble of somehow-synthetic smelling citrus notes, which settles into what strikes me as quite a masculine neroli. For some reason, I got a really strong impression of my grandpa. Which makes me think that this smells like . . . Brut? I think that's what he wore. Looking it up, I see that they do share some of the same notes: lavender, bergamot, lemon, vanilla...

I love many of the HdP line, but this one is not for me. Might be good for a man, though.
10th May, 2012

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