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1826 is a feminine perfume by Histoires de Parfums. The scent was launched in 2001

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Sweet and fruity from the very start, 1826 maintains a sunny olfactory optimism right through its development. Rose and jasmine, cinnamon and ginger join the bright fruit in the central movement, which remains perfectly poised between fruity-sweet and spicy-dry. The overall impression is somewhere between a fruity fougère and a floral oriental, offering the freshness of the former and the sensuousness of the latter while miraculously avoiding the clichés that burden both of these overworked fragrance genres.

1826 is plenty potent and projects well off of the skin, but a certain inherent clarity of texture keeps it from cloying or overwhelming the nostrils. This is a happy, easygoing scent that should appeal to men and women alike. I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys fruity scents but has tired of the trite, crass fruity florals and fresh fougères that crowd cosmetic counters these days.

09th June, 2014
Wow, this one was a pleasant surprise. I ordered it almost as an after thought in the HdP sample set, but it is turning out to be one of my favorites from this line. It is a study in white, cool, musky tones - different notes from different fragrance families but all singing in the same register. There is a triumvirate of notes at the top - white musk, an airy "white" patchouli, and milky, cool anise. The musk and patchouli win out, their voices are stronger, but the anise pops in and out like a supporting contralto. It is a clean, airy fragrance, with none of the dark/dank/skanky associations you usually get with patch or musk, but then again, these are stripped down, clean cut versions of those notes. The only issue I have with it is longevity - it lasts about three hours and then poof! It's largely gone.
07th May, 2014
The opening is quite much different depending on whether you test it on paper or on skin. I usually don't use paper strips, this time I did it just for curiosity and once I tried this I was like "I love this!"... well lucky for me I also tested it on skin before both writing a review and deciding if it was purchase worthy (spoiler: it wasn't). Basically it opens with a peculiar and bold accord of violet-lilac, mellow white musks and a patchouli note which is so velvety, dusty and sweet that together with ginger and cinnamon it basically creates a sort of "choco-like" accord with a resinous/spicy feel. And that is precisely what I do not like here much – it is kind of "too much" unbalanced a bit overhelming, shouting over the rest of the notes, notably the floral notes. On paper this smelled just perfect and far more balanced – it was heavenly. It is silky, soft, almost milky and quite elegant, with a slight earthy-herbal-balsamic accord... but also much sweet and all over. Besides, the drydown evolves towards a rather generic, vaguely ambery/woody aromatic, kind of ambrox smell, not that natural either. So it's kind "too much" at the beginning and "too little" at the end. Perhaps I was unlucky with my skin, but I find this a bit wrong at a couple of stages. Nonetheless, if you like that type of accords and/or this works differently on your skin, than it may turn into a great scent as it initially was on paper for me – I'll just say: not for a blind-buy (and I'm kind of a blind-buy guy often), better try it and wear it before.

03rd May, 2014
If the scent of someone who doesn’t have to try too hard – you know the kind, blessed with charm, good looks and unearned wealth (the bastards!) – could be bottled, this may be it. It seems to be effortlessly graceful without striking affected poses. Soft-focus in feel, the blonde wood notes are rounded and supple, the musks (although listed as the dreaded ‘white musks’) are airy but gratifyingly luxurious, the patchouli is a silken murmur, little glints of anise (a note I have a very low tolerance for) pop up like flecks of white nougat, a barely there gingery spice brings a trace of angelic perspiration to the brow: the whole is poised and natural seeming.
The trail is modest, but it’s kind of hard to see this working at a more amped-up level.
Suffers from that plague of modern perfumery which is so prevalent it seems barely worth mentioning – Drydown Dulldown. Here after a couple of hours, 1826 turns into a pleasant but nondescript woody musk – all the fun’s been had.

09th April, 2013
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United States
I dabbed this on before watching the first episide of season 4 of the Tudors, so pardon my references. This is the episode where Kathryn Howard comes to court as Queen, and we the viewers get to see lots of bedroom activity.

Now I paid attention to this era in history class, so i know that King Henry was a fat old diabetic with an ulcer that stunk up the entire castle. I also know these folks didn't bathe, so how on earth where they able to 'get romantic'?

With this I approach 1826. Yes, it's a few centuries later, but the concept is still there. This is what I imagine those bodices smelled like, and I don't say that with a nod of praise. There is the strong musky note, aka the perspiration- saturated linen undergarment. This is covered up by frequent visits to the powder room, where a handful of white florals are smashed and rubbed all over the bosom. Picture yourself standing in one of those big rooms on a hot summers night; the windows are open to let in a stale breeze, and everyone is fanning their body odor about with a feathered fan scented with incense and patchouli taken from the peasant's church.

Sound good? Then give this a try. Sound like it would rub your bodice the wrong way? Then move on.
20th April, 2010
overbearing top notes but has a nice finish
04th December, 2009

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