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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Oh my, this is my favourite kind of rose – juicy and liquerish to start before revealing the complexity of the supporting ingredients: gorgeous powdery spices, balsams and woods, resolutely old-fashioned and introspective. This rewards and soothes at every stage, with each note hung perfectly in balance, with special mention owed to the dreamy influence of iris and sandalwood. As it proceeds it is no longer predominantly rosy, more a blissful emanation of soft spicy woods (a bit like Féminité du Bois) with a floral mien. I’m a little in love.

    05 February, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    Another skilfully crafted HDP which introduces by soon its neo-classicism by an hesperidic blast of bergamot, some animalic notes, gassy spices, a touch of the mineral Ghislain's typical landmark and an hearty-botanic vibe (probably aroused by the combination of carnation, vetiver and violet) stout throughout under my nose. I detect along the way an hearty/mineral back ground and some lingering gassy/powdery softness aroused by smooth iris and may be cumin all over a main vintage/animalic (civet i suppose) and spicy/orangy/floral vibe with a rosey twist a la Rosam but with a more woody and slightly fruity temperament. Chandeliers, tepestries and fat frames dominate the brown ambience. 1876 is another glorious gem from this great brand coming straight from the massive and "stale" parisian attics

    31st October, 2013

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    Croatia Croatia

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    Oh this one i liked very much, its dark, spicy rose, but not too much of a rose, the mix o flowers that is often found in Parfums de Nicolai line , carnation, cinnamon, rose, orange sandalwood:-) , which i like! Is beautifully blended here, opening is spicy, but the perfume gets the most projection first 3 hours, its dramatic enough for me , and more interesting then1740, but the late dry down is maybe less interesting and seems fading quicker away then 1740, because elemi and cedar combination is super longlasting one. This one was intriguing and complex enough and most dramatic of all i tried.

    07 January, 2013

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    Jack Hunter
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    On the opening I can smell the lychee fruity note mixing in with the iris and rose. It's a little sweet and floral and quite complex.

    As time has moved on I am picking up violet with cinnamon and some woods all in this beautiful mix.

    This is a really nice fragrance which has a really good balance of fruit, florals and a bit of woods. I'm impressed.

    16 November, 2012

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Initially a fruity rose, with a cumin/civet undertow that I enjoy (this is nowhere near as animalic as The Different Company's Rose Poivre, which is shockingly civet-heavy to my nose). A few minutes in, a strong cedarwood note emerged that jarred with - rather than supported - the liqueur-like rose, and I was ready to dismiss this. 1804, which I was testing at the same time, was my preferred scent of the two at this stage.

    However, within a few hours 1804's juicy pineapple dried down to a generic green-floral musk, whilst 1876 blossomed into a beautiful, full-bodied, decollete-and-opera-gloves-type scent. It called to mind Caron's Parfum Sacre, although this does not have that peppery note that some dislike in Parfum Sacre. 1876 is a mature fruity-floral, if you can believe that such a thing exists! Lovely.

    On second sniff, the cedarwood note was again very prominent, to the extent that I decided this is like a softer, much more floral version of Feminite du Bois... Still lovely...

    20th August, 2012 (Last Edited: 10th February, 2013)

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    Mimi Gardenia
    United States United States

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    A rounded juicy scent that is primarily a deep rose on my skin ,spice-y ,rich ,full with accents of blackcurrant and lychee which enhance the rose note wonderfully. It is gorgoeus and long lasting .Femme Fatale indeed!

    19 July, 2010

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