1876 (2001)
by Histoires de Parfums


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Year of Launch2001
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1876 is a feminine perfume by Histoires de Parfums. The scent was launched in 2001

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Aiona Show all reviews
United States
Opening blast is sharp alcohol and Vitalis-like smell. Then it quickly dries down to baby powder and Vitalis. I'm guessing the Vitalis-smell is from the bergamot? Carnation? The baby powder smell is pretty intense, and it literally smells like Johnson's and Johnson's baby powder, which I like, as smells go, but I'm not sure I want to smell like. Rose is tricky for me. If someone tells me it's in there, I realize it's in there. And so once I read what the notes are, yes, it's very obvious. This is baby powder and ROSE. Honestly, although I don't have a bottle of Tabu with me to compare, the scent profile makes me think of Tabu. Very strong and powdery, like Tabu. Same sharp opening, even. I remember when I tried Tabu, I was like, "UGH! TURPENTINE!" (maybe because the sprayer sucked, and it ended up drenching me). For Mata Hari (aka 1876), I sampled from one of their small 2.0 ML spray bottles, and the sprayer did a nice job of squirting but not drenching me. Baby powder and rose. I got this as a gift, so I'm not sure how much it costs, but I'm guessing Tabu is cheaper.
21st December, 2016
Ingenious use of litchi, sneaked into the thick of the recipe to poke its frills out at every other turn. A powdery but sometimes sharp spiced rose with an underlying funk, like Hammam Bouquet on the prowl. Her floral coterie are with her but Rose is the star tonight. The drydown is depressingly stark after all the fun I had before it, with a dry and dreary weight suggesting the whole experience was a drug trip on a night out, but man, what a night it was!
Out of a 10-sample pack from HdP Mata Hari was the last one I tried because it didn't sound so compelling in print. I get really excited when I am this wrong.
01st February, 2016
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The freshness of bergamot adds to a fruity opening of of lychee with a fennel note in the background - very interesting and unusual. In the drydown herbal impressions mix with a darker rose, cumin and cinnamon to a delectable mix. The base des some woodsy sweetness with a reasonable sandalwood mixed with vanilla, with white musk and guaiac added in the last hour.

Quite convincing, well executed with moderate sillage, good orojection and six hours of longevity on my skin. A prettycreative HdP product especially initially. 3/5
13th April, 2015
A joyful sort of scent, one that exudes good humor and a smile and make you slightly more cheerful for the day ahead! It is deceptively simple, opening up with a bright, rose and iris talcum powder note vaguely reminiscent of dusty potpourri. It remains that way for a long time and then bit by bit opens up to reveal the wetter center of the dusty rose, made more juicy with some lemon. But it is essentially a powdery, dry sort of perfume, and sweetly, innocently old-fashioned, like a 19-year old ingenue who thinks that short skirts are risque. Charming and sweet.
07th May, 2014
Carnation, rose, spices, resins, vanilla, white musks, ginger (I know it is not listed but I somehow smell something similar), sandalwood, light citrus notes, and some other floral notes I am unable to get. Soft and slightly powdery. I read iris is here: glad to know. A rather classic structure with a transparent spring feel, pleasant and balanced, with a refreshing balsamic breeze coming and going. The sweet accord (which smells a bit like gingerbread to me) is a little overhelming and cloying, I wish it managed to stay lighter. Beautiful dusty base of dry woody-tobacco-like notes with a nice herbaceous/mossy feel. Globally nice but also "neither flesh nor flow", basically an "eau de cologne" (European meaning) with a chypre heart, a feminine twist, and a masculine drydown. Pleasant and refined but a bit dull.

04th May, 2014
Oh my, this is my favourite kind of rose – juicy and liquerish to start before revealing the complexity of the supporting ingredients: gorgeous powdery spices, balsams and woods, resolutely old-fashioned and introspective. This rewards and soothes at every stage, with each note hung perfectly in balance, with special mention owed to the dreamy influence of iris and sandalwood. As it proceeds it is no longer predominantly rosy, more a blissful emanation of soft spicy woods (a bit like Féminité du Bois) with a floral mien. I’m a little in love.
05th February, 2014

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