Ambre 114 (2001)
by Histoires de Parfums


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Year of Launch2001
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseHistoires de Parfums

About Ambre 114

Ambre 114 is a shared / unisex perfume by Histoires de Parfums. The scent was launched in 2001

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One of my favorite perfumes, I've been reaching a lot for it lately. Surprisingly, it starts with a note of fresh laundry, then it moves on to spices and herbs, and quickly evolves to ambregris, salty caramel, vanilla and powdery goodness.. To me, this is the perfect summer equivalent of Ambra Aurea by Profumum, as it is surprisingly quite light and airy. Very enjoyable.
26th August, 2015
This amber is rich, sweet & slightly boozy, but not at all heavy or dense. I cannot pick out the herbs or spices individually here, but they serve to give interest & edge to the opening. During the first hour I get little whiffs of rose, geranium, woods & patchouli, before it all settles into a smoky, yet still sweet & deliciously comforting amber. The projection is low, but seven hours in it's still going as a skin scent.
I wouldn't call this an outstanding amber fragrance, as there are several others that I prefer, but it's very good & deserves to be included on any amber lover's try list.
07th July, 2015
This is a very nice and safe pleasing amber, vanilla and musk combo along with mellow spices to give the scent a sharp and kind of masculine edge.
In "Main Notes According to Your Votes" musk is at the bottom but I do get loooots of musk from this fragrance!

The opening is a very charming warm and sweet amber and vanilla combo plus some spices and easy to detect musky feeling.
The opening smells similar to "Montale Blue Amber" but less spicy and also it feels musky while "Blue Amber" doesn't have this musky feeling.

As time passes I'm getting almost the same smell but musk gets much stronger. a simple musky and sweet ambery scent plus some spices and woods in the background till the end.
Projection is really good and longevity is around 7-8 hours on my skin.
A solid amber based fragrance but I've smelled better!
27th April, 2015
So I got one of the travel bottles, just to see what the buzz was, and after wearing it for 5 days straight…well…it became hard to ignore the fact that I never wear anything for 5 days straight.

It's Amber of course, and there are those who are not fans of amber. But if you are one who likes it, and likes it fairly straight-up, it won't hurt to pay attention to the uniformly positive ratings this wonderful fragrance garnered here.
14th January, 2015
The purring, golden part of Shalimar without the animalic "dangly" bits :-)

I love Shalimar, and this has a similar effect in that it makes my eyes roll back in my head with sheer pleasure at its sensual character. It is not anywhere as dirty as Shalimar, and lacks the leathery, stormy, baby diaper parts that make Shalimar so interesting. But I have the feeling that nine out of ten people in my vicinity would rather than I smell like Ambre 114 instead. Sometimes, that is reason enough. Not everyone likes complicated smells. After all, it took me a full two weeks of wearing Shalimar every day before I could claim to love it or even bear it, so can you imagine what an innocent bystander (i.e., those in our social/family circle who are not into perfumes) might think? This perfume has the advantage of being perfectly attractive even to people who don't think about perfume -it is instantly legible and automatically liked, like a beautiful girl who turns up to a boring party peopled exclusively by bored men.

And I like it too! I hope that comes across. I love it, even. At the start, there is a hit of smooth, deep, resinous amber, creating a sort of come hither trail that you can imagine streaming out in your wake. It is peppered with some herbes de provence, providing a little bit of ballast to the smooth roundness, but it is just a smattering, not a full handful of herbs.

The level of comfort and attraction I experienced with this fragrance was immediate. It is sweet, but not cloyingly so. It is also not gourmand, to my nose at least. Something can be sweet and creamy without being edible, you know, and this is a good example (L'Heure Bleue is another - its anisic pastry smell is almost edible but then just instinctively you know that you wouldn't want to put it in your mouth).
07th May, 2014
Soapy, bright, balsamic amber. More resinous, sweet and soothing comparing to other amber fragrances, less rich and exotic. Not among the best ones, but still pretty good. Beautiful dark drydown, despite being quite much subtle.

13th February, 2014 (last edited: 05th April, 2014)

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