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Knize Forest is a masculine fragrance by Knize.

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United Kingdom
A lovely bergamot with petit grain and lemon-orange underpinning make for a refreshing opening. Soon a coniferous wood emerges, but in the drydown a green herbal line is most obvious, like stepping from the thickets of a forest into a glade or clearing where a herb garden is planted, a wonderful combination. Carnation and geranium's floral contribution give it a softer touch, but in the base the darker forest impressions take over.

The base is as mavellous as the whole scent. Sandalwood, with labdanum, but most importantly an oakmoss in the grand tradition and of high-quality ingredients, carry the later stages of the excellent development on my skin. Towards the end a beautifully resinous amber appears, providing a stupendous apotheosis that is rounded off with a earthy dark musk.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and eight hours of longevity. More herbal than Bogner's forest fragrance, this is a classic of this genre - and one of my favourites.
16th January, 2015
Genre: Fougère

Knize Forest opens like Pinesol, but very quickly morphs into a slightly fruity green fougère. Marco mentioned Green Irish Tweed in his review, and I'm surprised at how close Knize Forest comes to the popular Creed scent during its first hour. The crisp pine makes Knize Forest a bit more rugged, and its drydown is entirely different, leaning on oakmoss, labdanum, and sandalwood rather than Creed's widely employed sweet/tart ambergris millésime base. Nevertheless, the resemblance at midstream is remarkable, and much closer, to my nose, than the oft-noted Green Irish Tweed/Cool Water parallel.

I personally prefer the drydown on Knize Forest, which is at once more rugged and more distinctive: it doesn't smell just like Himalaya, Millesime Imperial, Silver Mountain Water, Green Valley, or Tabarome Millesime or...(fill in your favorite here)... after three hours. It may not be all that original, and it may not last oh so long, but Knize Forest is an enjoyable fougère for those who like Geir, Green Irish Tweed, or Fou d'Absinthe.
19th June, 2014
Knize Forest is a green herbal beauty that shows hints of Green Irish Tweed, Bowling Green and Jazz. The opening is strikingly similar to Green Irish Tweed with a touch of Bowling Green. As the herbal heart kicks in, I'm vaguely reminded of Jazz. I don't perceive a huge pine note, which I regret. In the end, a green, herbal, and grassy fragrance emerges. Knize Forest is an elegant fragrance that reminds me more of a forest floor than the pines that surge from it. A nice respite from the tart Creed drydown. If you enjoy green fragrances, you should give this one a wear. It's a well-done, old style charmer.
03rd May, 2014

What a stunning grassy, aromatic, coniferous scent, one of the most gorgeous minty, green, resinous fragrances ever created. The smell conjures woodsy environments and aromatic, sparkling, mountaneous air early at morning while walking on the side of a dark-green forest. I agree who with writes about a certain olfactory resemblance with Green Irish tweed but i comply with Off-Scenter when asserts that this impressive resemblance is evident basically along the first stage of the development (in this phase also Cool Water could for a while come to mind) when the blend of moderate lavender, citrus (mainly orange), flowers and grapefruit stresses a watery, orangy, more dynamic and versatile feature before the boise', aromatic and incensey soul starts exhaling from the background. As well as the grassy, incensey, rooty,  mysterious and dark soul of Knize Forest comes out the fragrance expresses itself as a different, less ambery and more earthy, resinous,  almost spiritual kind of beast, surely more aromatic, herbal and dusty than the basically strongly ambery Creed's one. In this phase the main notes are greens (over all sage, rosemary and basil), patchouli, labdanum resin and oakmoss and i smell more similarities with fragrances as Cardinal, Route du Vetiver or Fou d'Absinthe. The vetiver is present but subdued in comparison with Green Irish Tweed while the note of patchouli is distinguished and discreet. A wonderful, wonderful scent. 
07th October, 2011
green fougere similar to Green Irish Tweed by Creed- to my mind better.
Nothing exciting and inspiring-quite linear scent.I personally dislike the imbalance of this fragrance ( well explained by Bartlebooth!)- unfortunately I dislike GIT too- so it´s not a surprise!
13th September, 2011
A piney citrus opening that morphs into a herbal middle. A classic fougere drydown with oakmoss and some sandalwood and musk peeking through. Has good longevity, but is not an overpowering scent ala Knize ten. If you like a good foguere then this is worth a shot.
09th August, 2011

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