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Feuilles de Tabac (2000)
by Miller Harris


Feuilles de Tabac information

Year of Launch2000
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseMiller Harris
PerfumerLyn Harris

About Feuilles de Tabac

Feuilles de Tabac is a shared / unisex perfume by Miller Harris. The scent was launched in 2000 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Lyn Harris

Reviews of Feuilles de Tabac

It's a nice little thing to wear on warmer days, really more of a citrus cologne with a bit of masculine ornamentation than a serious perfume with a masculine (or any) narrative arch. More synthetic than I recall it to have smelled years ago. In terms of tobacco, it doesn't hold a stick to my favorites by Odori and La Via del Profumo. Not worth full retail.
10th June, 2016
I first became aware of this when I bought the shaving soap, so I'm a bit surprised that it is officially described as unisex. From memory the shaving soap was a lot more Patchouli woody than the EdP, but is fairly similar. It is a nice light woody herbal. I don't find it especially Fougere, nor does it remind me of any other fragrances; certainly not Old Spice nor Havana. Not as floral as the first, not as Labdanum rich as the second. There is a vetiver greenness together with a liberal use of modern woody amber molecules. It is well blended, and lasts a reasonably long time. If I owned a chest wig I would wear this all of the time. As it is, I will wear it when I have become bored with flowers and sweet orientals. It is a perfect opposite to Agent Provocateur, or L'Heure Bleu, or Tea Rose (all of which I wear). To be perverse I should wear it with purple silk shirt, and maybe a touch of makeup; just to confuse the punters. Or maybe not.
16th November, 2015
Dry Aromatic Tobacco Leaves...

What I really love about this one, is that it takes you back to the days when fragrances were good! You know, when you smelt something and it had bite and character, the aromatic fougères and masculines of the past. This is a dark, dry, smoker's scent. I get tobacco leaves being rolled into Cuban cigars... chilli and patchoulli and pine needles, sage and other herbs, underlined with a grassy, dry tonka bean. Almost like tonka flavoured tobacco leaves made for a fine quality cigar.

I also get cloves and hot spices mixed with dry herbs. It's very aromatic, and perfect for colder weather, a great individual scent for a strong personality type. Very distinctive. It's good, it reminds me of older stuff, Old Spice etc. But it has great character and great for smokers and non-smokers alike. Well done Lyn Harris!
07th August, 2014
Feuilles de Tabac’s top notes of sharp citrus and anise segue rapidly to a realistically rendered moist pipe tobacco and dark liqueur accord that’s backed up by sweetened woods. It’s a simple and appealing accord, though unfortunately short-lived. Within a half an hour it gives way to a very conventional powdery wood and sweet amber drydown. The last episode is an anticlimax, and I really wish that the tobacco would persist for a few hours. If it did, I’d consider this a great scent, but as it is I find it disappointing.
13th June, 2014
The opening is pleasant, a bit ordinary perhaps, but masculine and contemporary: vetiver, tobacco and spices (cloves) on an amber-incense base, quite dense but fresh and aerial at the same time. Stuffed with Iso E and ambrox, but good – I like these materials so I do not mind "spotting" them, especially if they are blended with other materials to create a contemporary take on classic themes – this time, the "fougère" structure. As minutes pass it gets more and more drier, the tobacco note emerges better and more bitter, more raw and humid, and for a while I must say it is quite cool. Sadly the expectations are partially frustrated, as it then evolves in a rather inoffensive, safe drydown, surely pleasant and elegant but a bit dull – a "crowdpleaser", in short. Nice and cozy like that pair of understated sneakers you'd wear to walk the dog after dinner, worth a bargain if you happen to find it discounted. Longevity is delicate, but persistent.

08th May, 2014
Feuilles de Tabac is a pleasant masculine scent containing a lot of warm rounded spice that is perfect for autumn days.

It goes on with a whole heapful of spiky black pepper, stays peppery for about an hour, then becomes a sort of warmer blend of pepper, tobacco and clove/nutmeg spices, the rounder nutmeg/clove type spice smell remains for a few hours and finally a very nice light incense/patchouli base note remains for the rest of the day. I don't care much for all the upfront pepper, which reminds me of the Molton Brown pepper body wash. Projection is quite weak, but longevity is ok, it does keep returning throughout the day. Overall a pleasant, soft comforting scent but ultimately it is too safe for me to want to keep my bottle, especially as it is not cheap...

Pros: A smell that most would like
Cons: projection could be better. A bit safe"</p>
08th August, 2013 (last edited: 02nd September, 2014)

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