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    Fumerie Turque information

    Fumerie Turque is a unisex fragrance by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido. The scent was launched in 2003

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    United States United States

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    I once wrote of Fumerie Turque:

    “I understand the love that some have of this fragrance, and I understand the detractors, too.

    On my skin this went on with a blast of brilliantly rendered tobacco smoke, which settled slightly over the first few minutes to reveal powerful notes of spiced amber and honey, not too far removed, in fact, from this house's Ambre Sultan. Honey underpins Fumerie Turque's heart, but this honey is not so heavy and enveloping as that found in Miel de Bois or Arabie. You're not likely to drown in it.

    At about wo hours into its development on my skin, Fumerie Turque loses some of its balance and complexity. Some pleasing notes, including the currants and the rose, recede, and I'm left with honey, cigarette smoke, and amber. The tobacco smoke in Fumerie Turque doesn't seem to me to be as fully blended as in scents like Palais Jamais, Vintage Tabarome, and Habanita. In fact, when Fumerie Turque's smoky accord is in the forefront I smell like...well, like a smoker. As the drydown progresses the smoke and the sweet base notes alternate in dominance, until all that remains is smoke.

    If I wanted to smell like a smoker, I would smoke. It's cheaper than wearing Fumerie Turque, if perhaps a bit less healthy. So while I appreciate Fumerie Turque's stature and quality I have no desire to wear it.”

    I’ve since (to paraphrase Kubrick) learned to stop worrying and love the smoke. Having fallen successively for Black Tourmaline and Or Black, coming to grips with Fumerie Turque was perhaps inevitable. I'm now happy to wear it whenever I need a dose of olfactory warm and cozy.

    14 June, 2014

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    This opens with a clean sterile like honeyed smoke and suede accord. This is closely followed by a pipe tobacco note.

    On the opening the smoky honey accord does smell like it has gone through a hookah pipe. As it has that clean watery smoky aspect to it nature.

    There is something that smells sterile like within the honeyed smoke that smells off putting to me in it's opening phase.

    As time passes the pipe tobacco note becomes dominate and the honey smoke recedes.

    Very well done but just not to my taste.

    08 June, 2014

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    Australia Australia

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    Fumerie Turque? I can't smell any smoke at all.

    On me, this is more like Disparition de Miel. It's not bad, but I don't get the intensity that others have reported at all, which is disappointing.

    28 May, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    As for many other Lutens', the name fits the scent quite good. A beautiful, dusty, balsamic and spicy opening of tobacco leaves, smooth leather and vanilla, honey notes, a rose heart which eventually becomes more dense and brighter, and as OdilonRedon perfectly suggests on Basenotes, a "caramelized amber" note on delicate, but still dry patchouli leaves. Polar opposites melt, balsamic heights and gloomy bitter earthy shadows just become one. A woody, smoky tiny old boutique stuffed with herbs and spices – a Lutensian cliché, well developed here as well. What I enjoy the most is the palpable, material dustiness, a hyeratic soul which is at the same time delicate and elegant, with a subtle but beautiful floral-fruity personality. A lot of facets and shades covered in smoke, like looking a mosaic-like coloured glass in an Oriental herbal/chemist laboratory. The smoke eventually vanishes and you get a soothing, calm, relaxing drydown of vanilla, honey, light suede leather and silky tobacco notes, still much dusty, velvety, slightly earthy. It is a really evocative scent, with a great balance of notes. But... all that is also a bit "pale" and light - it feels like they've missed the Volume button. If you do not pay utter attention, the first impression you may get is just of a "decent sweet-floral-dusty-silky-tobacco skin-scent": all the notes are there, you just have to make quite an effort to feel them. I bet an extrait of this would be a masterpiece. For the moment, this is just great, this close to magnificent.


    08 April, 2014 (Last Edited: 25 August, 2014)

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    A tobacco merchant's premises in the depths of the Istanbul Grand Bazaar. Someone is sorting bunches of pungent Yenidje tobacco. Someone else is cutting it. Tobacco is ageing in jars stored on shelves of polished wood. In the outer room, customers are trying out blends in long-stemmed pipes. Next door, the sweetmaker is caramelising a pot of sugar and pouring out trays of honey and rose loukoumi and a tanner is tooling leather across the alley.

    Fumerie Turque opens with a pungent leather and honey with a slight hint of smoke which gives way to a delicious burnt toffee tobacco tempered with dark patchouli. The leather becomes more animalic. The drydown is a caramelized amber with undertones of dark, resinous incense. This is a heavy, fur-lined kaftan of a fragrance: rich, enveloping and luxurious. Absolutely wonderful.

    27 November, 2013

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    Dark honeyed heaven

    The top notes are amazingly dramatic here and I think many people get scared and scrub this off way too soon. And now that I am used to this smoke-honey bomb, I wish those first crazy notes hung around even longer. Smoke, tobacco and beeswax drift in and out in fluctuating measure and keep me fascinated and feeling like I am in some exotic, hookah-smoking den of iniquity from long ago. I hate Chergui (MUCH too sweet) and don't like Borneo 1834 (too Polo-ish), but this, this I love! It reminds me of a smokier Moss Breeches or something rich and devilish and decadent from the 1970s like Yardley's You're the Fire or Coty's Styx. Yummmm...

    If only I could find an actual bottle somewhere, anywhere! For now I'll have to keep buying decants and scouring Ebay for this sexy, smokey beast.

    Pros: evocative and romantic
    Cons: loses its top notes too quickly"

    03 October, 2013

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