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Coeur de Fleur (2000)
by Miller Harris


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Year of Launch2000
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HouseMiller Harris
PerfumerLyn Harris

About Coeur de Fleur

Coeur de Fleur is a feminine perfume by Miller Harris. The scent was launched in 2000 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Lyn Harris

Reviews of Coeur de Fleur

A fruity / floral fragrance — “lightness” is the byword because it’s not quite as sweet as several other fruit fragrances I’ve encountered, and because the scent stays close to the skin — not a lot of sillage. The primary fruit in the fragrance is peach, which I am not usually a fan of, so I consider this well done simply because it doesn’t bother me. The fragrance features a very catching fruity opening that is sweet, with a touch of the sharpness of the raspberry leaf. The middle florals are restrained, too, and form a delicate floral note. Unfortunately, the floral note is almost overwhelmed by the peach from opening. The florals continue into the soft, translucent base of amber and iris — I don’t get much vanilla until the very end of the long lasting dry down, where it continues the translucency and delicacy. Coeur de Fleur is neither a sensual nor an elegant creation — it is an innocent and delicate casual scent, making it quite a bit more feminine than masculine. I don’t see it as unisex.

Originally submitted 11 February 2007
10th December, 2010
Smells pretty standard to me, rather like the generic woman scent in deodorants and other things not associated with fine fragrance. Nothing hugely wrong with it, but it's rather like staying home with a movie you've already seen when there's a whole exciting world out there. ***
30th October, 2010 (last edited: 30th November, 2013)
The opening is really charming, rich bright and so floral that remind me Renoir vases. but in time it get sour acidic and in just one hour it becomes a banal scent which reminds these lemon bergamot aftershaves of eighties.
10th September, 2009 (last edited: 05th October, 2009)
Like a Valentine bouquet in the shape of a heart, Coeur de Fleur offers sweets, but this is not the tooth-piercing sugar rush blasting from so many candied fragrances today. I’m more of a “floral girl” than a “fruity girl” but I appreciate the fresh, never dominating mix of peach and raspberry in CdeF.

In fact, Coeur de fleur combines the dulcet tones of four different scent families: fruit, floral, gourmand, and resin. Jasmine and sweet pea hold up to the fruit, while mimosa and iris add just a hint of earthiness. There must be only enough vanilla and amber to anchor the other sweets; neither note stands out on its own, but instead they harmonize to create a slightly peppered, cream base. As the name suggests, flowers compose the heart the blend, and I believe they give it a timeless appeal.

The dry down is what I call “clean sweet”—a category I’ve coined to describe the refreshing character of a few timeless floral scents such as the original versions of “L’Air du Temps” and “Aniaïs Anaïs,” fragrances that defied trends and typologies. While both are drier than Coeur de Fleur, I find that the three share a sort of olfactory integrity.

Coeur de Fleur pays tribute to the spectrum of sweetness available in fragrance, a variety of distinct elements too often blended elsewhere into a heavy, one-note goo. While I prefer other Miller Harris concoctions, such as the spicy, rich Fleur orientale, or the yummy, dirty l’Air de rien, I would recommend Coeur de Fleur to fruity-floral lovers. It has decent sillage--not too loud--and it lasts 3-4 hours. This chic, sophisticated interpretation of perfumery’s sweet gamut demonstrates the benefits of using restraint to achieve fragrant depth and dimension.

02nd May, 2009
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United States
This is a really nice fresh floral that is well balanced and very pretty. It just becomes too sweet for my tastes, but it does remind me of fresh sweet pea blossoms, mimosa, raspberries, and all other light and "pink" summer flowers.
08th March, 2009
A very feminine, fruit laden floral, that is almost impossibly cheerful in its early stages. This only briefly attained the neutrality that would have made it possible for me to carry this off, and sadly this period was in the twilight of its power, shortly before evaporation. That said, there is much to enjoy, not least the inexorably optimistic and uplifting aura that this possessed in the early hours. This is most definitely a feminine fragrance that would be a tremendous fillip when applied early in the morning.
28th February, 2009

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