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Todd Oldham (1995)
by Todd Oldham


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Year of Launch1995
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HouseTodd Oldham
Parent Company at launchParlux

About Todd Oldham

Todd Oldham is a feminine perfume by Todd Oldham. The scent was launched in 1995

Reviews of Todd Oldham

Unusual, and not really in a good way, which is a bummer, 'cause I love Todd Oldham and his brilliant design sensibility. The banana and cinnamon combo seems to grow stronger by the hour--sort of mushy and gritty. A well-constructed hybridization of gourmand, chypre, and oriental qualities, Todd Oldham is substantial and rich, a throwback to the 80s, but I found its tropical elements and similarity to the badly reformulated Cinnabar almost unwearable. Must love foody, creamy, strong smells to love this. Seems this might be for a certain breed of very experienced perfume lover who knows just what they like. Sort of intentionally barely off-kilter and crafty like Todd Oldham himself. The considerable strength and slight imbalance of progression might be better in coldest winter and anything-goes festive nighttime.
21st November, 2012
I remember owning this scent and it being one of my "go to" scents on a daily basis in the cold NJ Winter weather. It open's with a liquer'ish, syrupy sweetness with a lot of amber and what I think was some leather. I specifically remember this going very well with leather. Once it sets in and the heart notes develop I definitely pick up on the peach and the sandalwood as well as amber/incense. This is one scent that I would still search for today on places like Ebay, left that much of an impression on me. I live in CA now so it would be totally out of place and too potent for a CA Winter but nonethless it's a beauty of a scent. Definitely recommend!
26th April, 2011
Someone mentioned this on my boozy scent inquiry thread and indeed it is a strong dose of liqueur. A cherry peachy brandy or possibly sugared cherries preserved in brandy star in the opening which is quite heavy and, as mentioned, suitable for cool weather only. The composition quickly becomes much more grownup, as an animalic note quickly sneaks in, and progressively becomes quite prominent. Add a hint of smoke and a ribbon of vegetal to balance the sweetness, and you have a beautiful Fall/Winter fragrance.
16th February, 2009
Yeah it's definitely a fall/winter smell due to its warm quality. Very nice perfume. My best friend was the one who introduced it to me (actually I liked it so much on her that I had to inquire about it, and also put it on). It is creamy and rich. Very nice, feminine smell, I highly recommend it.
05th August, 2006
Yes, it's fruity, but not in that happy-fruity way... it's more like a dark, smoky, spicy anti-fruit carnality. Takes a strong personality to sport this one. It is quite heavy. Use sparingly.
05th November, 2005
Tood Oldham's signature fragrance (he only ever did one - it's the same as the "crown") is a throwback to the heady scents of the 80s, even though it was launched in the mid 90s. I can't recall the exact notes but I'm pretty sure they consist of peach and possibly something else like kiwi, cucumber, lilac and a lot of sandalwood as well as decent doses of amber and incense. This is a very, very sweet-syrupy-spicy scent; though totally different in composition, it has a very similar feel to Crabtree and Evelyn's Savannah Gardens. Both even share the same deep amber juice color. The Oldham has a certain smokiness, though, that the Savannah Gardens does not, and is as such a bit more cosmopolitan smelling (versus Gardens' charming sense of innocence.) The beauty of the Oldham is its intensity, which stands in contrast to so many scents out today; one or two shots of this goes on and on easily through a full day-into-night wearing. It's a relatively simple composition so it doesn't evolve a whole lot on the skin; the peach packs a tremendous wallop and is a little obnoxious at first but ends up sweetening the whole blend in a rather saucy, sexy way. I like this one a lot and sometimes really relish the idea of cold weather rolling around so I can put some on; it's way, way too heavy to be considered for anything but crisp-to-cold weather.
28th September, 2005

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