Cabaret Homme (2004)
    by Grès

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    Francois Blais
    Canada Canada

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    Excellent fougere that reminds me strongly of YSL's Jazz.
    This one is darker, woodier and less green.
    Good stuff!

    20th December, 2012

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    United States United States

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    I love this! I agree that it starts off smelling a lot like Drakkar Noir, but after a few minutes it evolves into something different. It's certainly an aromatic fougere, that's for sure, but it's spicier, woodier and not as dark as Drakkar Noir. Cabaret PH smells very much like Tribute by Mary Kay, only much better blended and a lot less synthetic smelling. Or maybe Drakkar Noir with much less leather and more sandalwood?

    I am amazed that this is a 2004 release, because I'd swear this was from the Eighties. It smells like there's moss and a little leather in this, but they are not listed as ingredients; the sandalwood and patchouli give this a very old-school Eighties style. If wearing stuff like Sung Homme, Drakkar Noir or Giorgio For Men is your thing, you'll feel right at home wearing this.

    This is a substantial and very masculine scent, almost reaching powerhouse strength. It projects well and lasts all day, yet it isn't heavy and it won't take your head off.

    Cabaret Pour Homme may not be anything unique, but it smells awesome and has the added bonus of costing very little. Fans of 80's styled masculine colognes are sure to like this. I sure do.

    MY RATING: 8.5/10

    07 June, 2011

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    This is very much based on Drakkar Noir! Not an unpleasent fragrance but a bit "been there done that". It can be had rediculosly cheap and if you like Drakkar I'd bet you'd also like this.

    22 July, 2010

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    United States United States

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    Good rosy, aromatic (brisk and crisp) herbal fougere opening but is very light and bearable. Reminds me of Casran by Chopard but not as "chemical". I'm not a fan of rose scents but this is nice. Good work cologne.

    07 October, 2009

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    A fresh, spicy fougère suitable for sporty, daytime, or casual wear. It also makes a good workplace scent. While this is nothing earth-shaking or terribly innovative, it is a good, somewhat quiet, and fairly suave scent. Freshness from pineapple in the top, with rosemary, coriander, juniper berries, and basil for herbal and spicy notes; there are delicate florals in the heart, sporting lavender to pick up the herbal top, lily of the valley for subtlety, and a touch of jasmine for depth; oriental base notes of woods, amber, and more spice (clove and absinthe) complement the oakmoss and tonka bean which, with the lavender, give the fougère triad. Smooth, suave, acceptably (or deceptively?) well-mannered.

    31st August, 2009

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    Russian Federation Russian Federation

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    A fresh fougere with a bit of spice that doesn't really live up to the nifty packaging. Boasting a much more invigorating, if perhaps too old-school for some, Homme de Gres on the roster, Gres is apparently trying to capture a younger crowd with Cabaret. A child of compromise, Cabaret is an okay modern office/casual scent, but is too meek and undistinguishable to be anything more than passable.

    05 January, 2007

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