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Indentite pour Homme (2003)
by René Lezard


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Year of Launch2003
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseRené Lezard

About Indentite pour Homme

Indentite pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by René Lezard. The scent was launched in 2003

Reviews of Indentite pour Homme

This transcends between too sweet, too woodsy or too soapy. I happen to like all three of those aspects. Not one of them dominates the whole time. It starts off very sweet. Then gets woody, like a rich cedarwood and the drydown develops this oakmossy soapy clean feeling with the woods still being there. It's strong overall but dries into a nice aural fragrance. Didn't seem to last too long for me but I think it's because of olfactory fatigue since there's a lot of scent to go around. Great gourmand woodsy scent.
01st November, 2009
This one is so much between being too sweet to be bearable
and my grandfathers old cologne.
You could as well combine ARAMIS with a ton of sugar and barrel of cognac.
It seems to me they decided to combine all of the worst into one ... YUCK !!!

27th January, 2009
Very sweet scent with annoyingly round and smooth structure. I can`t get a hold of it anywhere. Its just a big blast of sweet cognacy *bleh*.

I don`t like cognac. I don`t like the way it tastes or smells. I hate it even much more if that cognac has been sugared up like its done in here.
16th November, 2008
mjclark Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Warm vanilla and spice oriental that makes me go "Mmmm".Very similar to Yves Rocher's Hoggar and equally as complex but altogether smoother and better balanced.Drydown is like a coffee and caramel take on D&GPH.Yum!
08th June, 2007
With merely two fragrance lines to its name, the design house of Réné Lézard has managed to scale the world of perfume from its depressingly abysmal depths to its triumphantly towering heights. At one end of the spectrum, we have Réné Lézard homme, whose generic name and greyish packaging might be read as a harbinger of the utter conformity of the content. With not even the trace of an identity of its own, this lame excuse of a juice joins the ranks of the thousand score clones of purely synthetic smelling "fresh" "ozonic" garbage, for which any attempt at applying an adjective is really already an undeserved exertion. For the 21st century issue of the "man in the grey flannel suit."
Mystifying how only a year later Lézard could come up with such a masterfully crafted, deliciously enjoyable and underappreciated sleeper among the category of gourmand scents as Identité, where, once again the name's the thing. For while gourmands were certainly nothing highly innovative anymore by 2003, one cannot deny that this perfume, in a beautifully designed bottle, has a distinct identity,which is fittingly announced by the cognac-coffee tinted container. The PR speaks of cognac indeed, but to this reviewer the obvious assocation is a Starbucks-type coffee, i.e. not the straightforward southern European style, but a flavored, sweet-caramelly creamy "fun" beverage representing an enjoyable form of culinary regression. One is reminded of the heavenly odor of Muscovado sugar with its fine caramel notes reminding of the long gone status of sgar as a luxury product. These warm and delicious notes, which achieve a sophisticated and well-rounded sweetness (not of the suffocating, stifling kind too frequently encountered these days) predestine Identité as a fall and winter scent when its wafts of gourmand pleasure will make its wearer the messenger of comforting "coming in from the cold" pleasures of the communal hearth.
28th August, 2006
Sampled this at the Munich Airport and I still regret not buying it. What a pleasant surprise. Like Toni said, definitely a modern scent. Very sweet but with a cool bitter coofee thing going on, balancing the sugary accord perfectly. Awesome sillage and staying power, at least on me. Don't know anything about this Lezard guy, but he's released one fine fragrance.
05th August, 2005

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