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B*Men (2004)
by Thierry Mugler


B*Men information

Year of Launch2004
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People and companies

HouseThierry Mugler
PerfumerChristine Nagel
PerfumerJacques Huclier
PackagingThierry Mugler
Parent CompanyGroupe Clarins

About B*Men

A new "super-hero" in Mugler's men's range. After A*Men comes B*Men. Basenotes was disappointed that A*Men's partner wasn't called D*Men. It would have been a nice 'play' on good and evil -- A(ngel)*Men Vs D*Men (Demon). Oh well!
The scent was inspired by A*Men, and the bottle is exactly the same, but khaki/red instead of silver/blue. A new classic? We'll have to wait and see.
Basenotes' review copy of B*Men was supplied by Escentual

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Reviews of B*Men

i couldn`t hate it when I sniff it firt time.and my love grow and grow today I fell in lolove with it thoroughly.
very manly gentlemanly spicy green earthy and woody.
unique and lovely lovely lovely.
30th December, 2018
Best from the favorite spicy scent ever.big big love
24th May, 2018
Wierd scent.warm green spicy herbal.
Rhubarb spicy notes on the bed of patchouly vetiver and woods.wellcrafted and unique scent.
15th May, 2018
my most favorite from the line .spicy mostly peppery green herbal gourmand base very well blended and nostalgic.
manly .really a holly grail scent.
01st February, 2018
Before the flurry of excellent A*Men flankers that came out in recent years (i.e. Ultrazest, Pure Malt, Pure Tonka, Pure Coffee, etc.) came Thierry Mugler's B*Men. I originally was not too keen on B*Men, but I have revised my estimate of this fragrance from neutral to thumbs up!

B*Men retains the gourmand quality of its older brother; the chocolate-coffee notes, though not mentioned in the fragrance note triangle, are present - though not as strong as the original. The real treat of this scent is the spiciness, resembling red pepper flakes and cinnamon. The mysterious "sequoia" note adds the faint woodiness, with a slight tang provided by the interesting rhubarb.

I give this scent its props for courageously offering an alternative to the wildly popular A*Men. In its time over a decade back, it was the only flanker on the shelf; I was naturally curious about B*Men in that way. Nowadays, there's a dizzying number of A*Men flankers! (I wonder, is A*Men Le Gôut du Parfum / The Taste of Fragrance a scent that attempts to mimic B*Men, with the emphasis on spiciness?)

Didn't like it at first, but now I give a healthy thumbs up for this gem. Can't believe it's discontinued!
16th December, 2016 (last edited: 17th March, 2017)
This is much better than my initial thoughts after trying it out more than once. Has expected nice chocolate/coffee notes but also has a traditional, clean, refined men's fragrance feel to it. Imagine being in a coffee shop waiting for your order when you catch a whiff of a nice men's fragrance, maybe from a passer-by...its kinda like that. On my skin, it doesn't project like original A*men, which is good, but longevity is good, lasts all day.
09th December, 2016

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