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parfums*PARFUMS Series 6 Synthetic: Garage (2004)
by Comme des Garçons


parfums*PARFUMS Series 6 Synthetic: Garage information

Year of Launch2004
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 71 votes)

People and companies

HouseComme des Garçons
PerfumerMarie-Aude Couture

About parfums*PARFUMS Series 6 Synthetic: Garage

The sixth in CdG's parfums*PARFUMS range is "Synthetic" and comes in 5 scents. The bottles each contain a plastic pouch that deflates gradually as the product is depleted.

parfums*PARFUMS Series 6 Synthetic: Garage fragrance notes

Reviews of parfums*PARFUMS Series 6 Synthetic: Garage

Contrary to what it may seem from its name, Garage is a menthol-balsamic scent on a “plastic” base, halfway musky, anisic, glueish and dusty. Overall really clean, neat, sharp and bright. I totally share the concept of “garage” alfarom suggests below: Garage is a cold yet cozy and pleasant fragrance which reminds me of some “synthetic classics” (Miyake, Kenzo), just less friendly, less mainstream and more austere in its olfactory depiction of the smell of solvents, cleansers, whatever liquids used in a laboratory – or a “garage of the future”. The name may be misleading mostly because there’s really no oily dirt or “raw” darkness here: Garage has rather the pale, cold brightness of industrial lights, and the clean, plastic sharpness of the abovementioned hypothetical “futuristic laboratory”. Either way it’s a really nice scent, much fascinating and like many Comme des Garçons works, perfectly able to mix the concept with the wearability: Garage is elegant, appealing, totally pleasant and safe, whether you care about the concept of “garage” or simply want a good and distinctive scent. Now, for some reasons this did not completely made me “fall off the chair” – meaning it was just a “nice!” rather than a “WOW!”, but it’s really worthy consideration.

14th January, 2015
Garage is a tarry, phenolic leather scent that occupies a space somewhere between the barbecued meat of Andy Tauer’s Lonestar Memories and the auto interior of Santa Maria Novella’s Nostalgia. It also hints at what Bulgari Black might smell like without its enormous powdery vanilla base note. In terms of development, Garage follows Nostalgia most closely, in that its drydown feels like an anticlimax after the aggressively rubbery, tarry opening. In this case the predominant base note is a laundry detergent-style white musk of no particular interest. While I find Bulgari Black’s powdery vanillic amber intolerably cloying and Lonestar Memories’ campfire base notes too literal, I give both credit for drydowns that don’t representa cop-out.

I’ve decided that my problem with Nostalgia, Lonestar Memories, and Garage alike is that they’re more parfums d’ambiance than perfumes. By literally evoking familiar atmospheres they succeed as interesting smells, but not as personal fragrances. They appeal to me more on paper than on skin, and would suit me better as candles or room sprays than personal wardrobe elements.
14th June, 2014
Odd and not my style. Yet it is a well-made and interesting fragrance.
The kerosene and leather notes are accurate. I also get the rubbery smell of tires. With a bit of a wood note, this definitely suggests a workshop or garage. A fairly straight-forward garage -- I don't get any science-fiction THX 1138 elements, as some reviewers have.
A little sweet in the dry down. Does not appeal to me.
14th February, 2014
If the word "garage" brings to your mind of Harley Davidsons, trucks, bycicles, cars or whatever you may have inside your garage, this is NOT for you. Comme Des Garcons rendition of the garage it's definitely more futuristic than a post-seventies motorcycle rider with a long beard and a leather jacket working on his bike. This is more the smell of a maintanance area where they repair and polish aseptic white androids designated as supportive doctors on an interstellar base.

Yes, it smells of grease, oil, traces of kerosene, rubber and various lubricants but it's overall clean, extremly bright and...plasticky. It's a tidy garage, almost aseptic, with metal walls and a clean white floor illuminated by neon lights. Wearable? Probably not as much as the others fragrances in the Synthetic Series yet incredibly compelling and futuristic. More an odour than a proper body fragrance but nonetheless worth experiencing for its unquestionable uniqueness.
04th May, 2012
This is very weird. I get none of the smells mentioned here, just plain and simple dentist's rooms! The cold, sterile, lightly cinnamon-ey smell of a dentist's office, that's all. Would have SWORN there's cinnamon in here! After an hour or two that's gone and the thing is quite floral and light. Strange! Didn't say any kind of garage to me.
21st June, 2010
In the marvellous CdG Synth series, this one is the one I like least. It’s still a fascinating creation though.

Birch tar is the main ingredient in this fragrance without a doubt. Smells very vintage woody, smoky and slightly metallic.
This takes me back into the summer cabin I used to visit a lot as a child, and the shed that was there. The smell of Garage is strikingly similar.
That woody shed was filled up with dry birch logs, couple of small motorboat engines, some oils plus other chemicals, tools and dry birch switches that we use here in Finland in sauna.
Really, the smell of that shed is bottled right in here.

To me Garage is definitely one of the most evocative fragrances ever. More than an actual wearing, I like to put this on my hands from time to time and let my mind flow to back in the days when everything was exciting and new…
03rd March, 2009

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