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Original Vetiver (2004)
by Creed


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Year of Launch2004
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerErwin Creed
Parent CompanyCreed

About Original Vetiver

Original Vetiver is a masculine fragrance by Creed. The scent was launched in 2004 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Erwin Creed

Original Vetiver fragrance notes

Reviews of Original Vetiver

Like many vetiver perfumes this one is vetiver in name only, the title aromatic being notable by its absence. If I bought a bottle of ginger beer and it turned out to be lemonade, I would be entitled to complain, but one has to make allowances for perfumes. It does in fact have a pleasant lemony-citrus aspect, together with a goodly dose of galaxolide or similar white musk, probably some ambergris too. I fancy there may be a trace of musk ketone or something very similar, an old fashioned chemical scent which I don't personally like at all, but it's not enough to put me off. Similarly I can't work up enormous enthusiasm for the sweet incense like aspect, similar to Penhaligon's Hammam Bouquet, which is detectable in the drydown. The overall effect however is pleasantly clean and soapy, in the same general area as that very traditional gentleman's fragrance, Monsieur de Givenchy. I also like the bottle with its graduated tint. The only thing against this otherwise excellent product is the price - regrettably it's a shade more expensive than lemonade.
26th November, 2016 (last edited: 11th December, 2016)
Fresh, green and grassy in the beginning. After the first hour, I am starting to detect some vetiver, but in small proportions; the fresh bergamot and mandarin are stronger with a sprinkle of iris. The base is mostly white musk with synthetic ambergris and, the main word to describe it is "soapy". I find the whole fragrance overrated and at medium designer quality level. There is something that puts me off from the start which comes and goes at times.
23rd August, 2016
There is no in between with this fragrance. You will either love it or hate it. I happen to love it to the point that it has become my signature warm weather fragrance. At first spray, there is a large blast of sweet citrus up front that smells more like mandarin than anything else to my nose. For me it subsides a bit after the first half hour, but still pops up throughout the day in small wafts. After about 20 minutes I swear it smells exactly like marijuana without the skunkiness for the next hour or so. I even had a guy on the street corner ask me if I had weed for sale, because he swore that was what he smelled! Vetiver appears to me about 2 hours in, but stays in the background behind the soapy scent for the rest of the duration. The scent is extremely fresh and clean throughout & the vetiver hint is minimal. The name of this scent is a bit misleading for sure. The longevity on this lasts about 14 hours on my skin & I get lots of compliments on how good I smell. I can still smell it very subtly on the collar of my shirts, even a few days after they are washed. I will forever keep a bottle of this one in my fragrance wardrobe for warmer weather.
28th June, 2016
I snagged a tester of this on fragrancenet for 85 bucks and I'm so happy I did. It's an elegant crisp, clean scent. I have a small sprayer of Guerlain's Vetiver and it smells dirty and putrid compared to this one.

I'm not certain what all I smell in this, but I do smell vetiver. It's more like a bunch of vetiver grass taking a shower and then was immediately bottled up for my enjoyment.

Longevity - 12 hours easy
Projection - 4 feet
Overall - 9/10
20th May, 2016
I received Creed Original Vetiver as a gift as I had been looking for one that would work for me. I originally purchased Guerlain Vetiver and did not care for it per my review on Basenotes. My opinion is that it was dominated by Tobacco scent on the dry down. I truly like the Creed OV scent as it has grown on me quite quickly. It has made its way up to my top 5 right now. Clean and fresh smell with 4-6 hours of longevity and moderate Silage. Projection is good in beginning but one needs to get close during the dry down to capture the scent. I do not like to walk into a room or pass someone and have my cologne dominate the area around me. All my favorites project the same so I have found my Vetiver Scent now. I have been told that Tom Ford falls in the middle of both Guerlain and OV. So when this bottle runs dry, I may try a smaller version of the Grey Vetiver to compare.
11th May, 2016
Had such high hopes for this one based on the wonderful opening, but it's all downhill from there. I dig woody fragrances ala Bottega Veneta, but for some reason the woodsy base in this (and many others) just puts me off. Borderline headache territory. Is it the sandalwood? Is there Cedar/Iso Super E in here? Whatever it is, I don't like it. I guess it's not a comment on the fragrance itself, so much as my taste/personal reaction to it, but I can't bring myself to give this more than a tentative neutral rating.

22nd April, 2016

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