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Hugo Energise (2005)
by Hugo Boss


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Year of Launch2005
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseHugo Boss
SupplierQuest International
Parent Company at launchProcter & Gamble > P&G Prestige Beaute

About Hugo Energise

Hugo Energise is a masculine fragrance by Hugo Boss. The scent was launched in 2005

Hugo Energise fragrance notes

Reviews of Hugo Energise

Smells good, clean, safe.

Reminds me of being an 18 year old out clubbing! Haha, its amazing how scents can transport you back in time. Nice smell, girls like it, and definitely inoffensive! 

21st May, 2013
I got this when it was on sale - I must admit for the money I paid, I don't really regret it. but it#s not much. It's somehow nice, but it's by far nothing out of the ordinary.
31st March, 2013
An interesting effort but ultimately a bit of a flop. I guess it's supposed to be a summer fragrance but it's a little too sweet and spicy to work on that level. The pink pepper is too much in the opening and it's got too much of a powdery, candy feel as well. It reminds of me of Lacoste Pour Homme. It's somewhat pleasant but it's not citrusy enough to be called "Energise" in my humble opinion. I don't get anything floral or cocoa like.

18th June, 2012

Another less than mediocre scent from Boss. Unbelievably áboring green and candied smell a bit citrusy, a bit herbal, alcoholic and synthetic as a candy full of dyestuffs. The smell is vague and reminds a mix of citrus, fruit from the forest, fruity caramel and herbs. I don't smell cocoa beans and floral notes. Indiscernible cheap kind of smell.
26th December, 2011
When i got a sample a couple of months ago i didnt liked this at all, my first impression was too spicy and a strong citrus / alcohol smell at the opening, a couple of weeks ago i decided to test it again and i started to enjoy this fragance, as i said before the opening is a little strong but a couple of minutes later you get a nice spicy citrus smell, after a while the spicy vanishes a bit and a sweet note comes up.

I got the full bottle now and im really enjoying it, i have to say the fragance is not authentic or unique, but its pretty good.
i recommend it for everyday use, age betwwen 20 - 30.

I have one complain, maybe its just my bottle but the sprayer shoots the product like a water gun, hugo boss should fix this in their new bottles.

after all:
i give it a 4/5, ask for a sample, try it a couple of times and maybe you will react as i did.
22nd April, 2011
I have owned this fragrance since it came out and it is still as good as new. What is interesting is reading many comments about the longevity, and some people say it is great some say it is poor.

It seems the people who had this fragrance from the beginning have ones that last long on their skin, this lasts a good 9 hours on me and even longer if i spray it on my clothes. However it might just be that the newer versions of this don't last as long or Hugo decided to leave out something for the sake of cost cutting in this very depressed economy. Very realisitic but you won't hear about it.

Well maybe i will just go to the store the next day to see if the newer version has the same longevity as the one i currently own.

Many people have tried out the tester to this fragrance, however i found out in my history that many of the testers smell very different from the actual scent in the genuine bottle. That still remains a mystery, so if anyone can share a reason for that please do so.

This fragrance has a moderate projection in my opinion, great longevity, great smell and relaxing and not really an energetic scent like the name says, great look, perfect for watching a movie with your girl or with friends.
17th April, 2011 (last edited: 18th April, 2011)

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