Eau des Merveilles (2004)
    by Hermès

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    Probably could get away as a unisex scent. EdM contains no floral note and is its notes are upside down. All the woody-musky notes are on top, rather than the base of the fragrance.
    The bottle is round with a silver cap.

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    Eau Des Merveilles by Hermes is a beautiful and sophisticated fragrance. After many positive reviews on this site I ordered a bottle for me. I sprayed it on and it made my senses feel wonderful. The orange comes out at first and dried down into a sweet, woody scent. The next morning I still smelled it on my clothes. I am glad I ordered it and I am male. I think this fragrance should really be unisex. It will on top of my list from now on.

    24 March, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Slightly woody, slightly citrusy is a good way to discribe Eau des Merveilles. This one could possibly pass as an aquatic fragrance also IMO. Don't know where Hermes was trying to go with this one. Not a bad fragrance if you can get it at a good price.

    04 November, 2013

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    Bal a Versailles

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    I remember trying it some time ago and thinking that the dry down was a well behaved Dune (Christian Dior) and dismissing it as having been done before.
    On me the Elixir becomes a commercial Bakery, pungent with Easter buns and proofing sourdough. Some buns have fallen on the floor and the sweaty bakers have trampled them underfoot. Let's not recommend the Elixir.

    I can't eliminate food associations from the EDT either, but they are sweet biscuits eaten at the beach, followed by oranges hand peeled and segmented by our Mother and there is a bottle of calamine lotion for those itchybites. Is EDM a childhood memory?

    Ageless, timeless, lace and fineness, you're beauty and elegance. You'll be my breath should I grow old

    06 March, 2013

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    Eau Des Merveilles is good scent that starts out very promising. The orange salty vibe that it exudes is very refreshing and invigorating; the orange in particular is light and not overpowering. It seems to effervescence off your skin like a gentle sea breeze. The pepper, vetiver, and cedar all work together, to give Eau Des Merveilles some structure without compromising its delicate nature. I consider this scent to be completely unisex; as a guy or woman can easily pull it off. This fragrance can also be worn all year with no problem.
    The only problem is the dry down, which can come across as “cheap orange shampoo”, which can be a problem for some. To solve this minor issue, I would recommend layering this scent with another slightly stronger scent. One in particular, Terre D’Hermes ( edt), is one that would work perfectly with this one. The strong mineral-like, woodsy, and grapefruit accords would be great with the airy orange ambergris accords. Because of this I can only give this one a neutral, but overall, its not too bad.

    24 December, 2012

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    Australia Australia

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    Eau des Merveilles kept me intrigued for years as I could never manage to find a tester bottle. I worked this fragrance up in my mind to be something utterly spectacular, a masterpiece and a modern classic. Well, I like this fragrance, I really do, but it's not something that struck me down like lightning.

    It's essentially dry, warm and strangely crisp, lemon and orange on a woodsy and peppery base. Very unusual I must say, but also something that relies on the right skin chemistry to make it work.

    I'd love to layer this scent over another fragrance, because on its own I feel like it's missing something. It reminds me of the beach and scorching hot Summer weather, yet I crave a subtle hint of floral notes or a touch of sweetness to make it that little more complex and feminine.

    I can certainly understand why men would want to wear this. Honestly, it has a very unisex feel. Whenever I smell Eau des Merveilles I am impressed, but I can't help wishing that this fragrance was a little more outrageous. The bottle makes me think of the solar system, a world so different from our own and I guess I wanted Eau des Merveilles to reflect that.

    The sillage is quite good, yet nowhere near being a heavy hitter. I'm rather glad because the peppery orange on its own is a little harsh in its already rather subtle concentration. The longevity is so-so, not incredibly long lasting but sufficient to say the least.

    All in all, Eau des Merveilles is certainly unique and one of a kind. The dryness and saltiness in this fragrance is quite lovable, however my only issue is that it tends to be more masculine than feminine to my nose.

    20th April, 2012

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    Brazil Brazil

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    Eau des Merveilles Pegase is a fresh, bright fragrance very versatile and which smells very comforting to my nose. There's no very evident orange note in it, instead we have a very appealing citrus combination. Making things short, a must try for everyone! This is a good daily fragrance! Oh, and the bottle looks gorgeous! hahahah

    12 April, 2012

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