Wall Street (2004)
    by Bond No. 9

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    Due Christmas 2004

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    Iran Iran

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    A nice fresh and salty aquatic fragrance that smell good and It can make your annoying hot summer day much easier to deal with!
    The opening is fresh, green and salty cucumber note which is really nice.
    It's simple and to be honest very generic, but it's good.
    As time goes by, the cucumber is almost gone and you can smell stronger salty seaweed note with a little bit of sweetness.
    You should really like salty and aquatic notes to like this fragrance so watch out!
    In the base that salty note settle down and you can smell a soft salty note, some spices and some sweetness.
    It's good but does it worth $200? I don't think so.

    01st February, 2014

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    did not mix with my body chemistry - wet dog/smelly fish

    19 January, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    Great seascent, wood amber notes and the classical chemical feeling of the Hosue great sillage and longevity

    30th October, 2013

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    Denmark Denmark

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    Really enjoy this cucumber fragrance

    I happen to enjoy Waal Street quite a bit.

    I get 10 solid hours longevity from it, and the dry down is pretty fantastic o my skin.

    I get no wet dog smell or fishy water stink.

    All I get is a fresh clean cucumber vibe mixed with a salty aquatic note.

    It does really smell like fresh money !

    I get no similarities to Creed MI at all. Okay maybe 25% identical.....

    This fragrance is a very nice spring and summer aquatic.

    A mainstay in my stable.

    4˝ out of 5 stars.

    Pros: Smells like real money.....
    Cons: You don't get richer from using this fragrane ;-)"

    28 October, 2013

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    Great, though not for everybody

    A mix of cucumber, citrus, a salty aquatic, some metallic and leafy-green notes. A strange bizarre combination, for sure, but one that works, and like no other fragrance. The dry-down is not nice as the remarkable opening, but it's still enjoyable for sure. With it's high longevity, subtle projection but generous sillage, it's easily wearable. Despite the fragrance community having mixed feedback on it, I've gotten a few compliments from it and I enjoy it a lot. But this oceanic fragrance surely isn't everybody. If you're thinking of blind-buying, stay at port, but you should still sample this.

    28 October, 2013

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    Not for everyone, worth a try

    Works for me, but some people's body chem. kills the dry down. Took me a couple weeks of wearing to really start loving it, now I just wish the scent lasted longer. worth a sample if you like aquatic. Grabs some decent compliments.

    Pros: distinct smell, can detect different layers in dry down
    Cons: average longevity, would expect more for the price"

    01st September, 2013

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