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Little Italy (2004)
by Bond No. 9


Little Italy information

Year of Launch2004
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 134 votes)

People and companies

HouseBond No. 9
PerfumerFrancis Camail
Parent CompanyLaurice & Co

About Little Italy

Due September 2004

Little Italy fragrance notes

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Reviews of Little Italy

Uh....don't buy this for full price. It's just awful. Shouldn't be, but for poor projection and being too linear you could do better. NOW you can layer it and I've found that Shay and Blue Watermelons works well with it. This is just too orange and not much else. Kinda like falling into a trash can filled with orange peels.
24th April, 2018
Little Italy took me a while to appreciate. At first I hated it. But then, a few visits to the Bond counter later something clicked and it was glorious citrus for hours. Four hours post application the mandarin is still strong. Is it sweet? Yes. Is it cloyingly, make your teeth fall out sweet like that damned cotton candy body spray every middle school aged girl in 1996 sprayed with abandon? NOPE. It is candy like, but more akin to a hard piece of Italian candy.

I find this perfume to be best in the spring and summer, where its charms can be fully enjoyed.
19th May, 2017
Future Jason:

This starts out smelling like cheap candy. It doesn't get any better. At least it fades away quickly? After an hour it's barely there.

If Bond No. 9 makes something you like, you haven't found it yet.
03rd February, 2016
Little Italy is all about citrus & musk to my nose. Clementine mandarin & maybe tangerine's is what I smell, I get no grapefruit. This is a unusual composition because you have a wollop of citruses fighting to be top dog, but it appears that clementine is winning the battle here. The opening of Little Italy is very strong, there is also a cheese note somewhere in here that makes this somewhat off putting. Yes I pick up a cheese note, and I despise cheese.

Once the fragrance starts to dry down, the musk enters the ball game & mingles with the citruses which never fade away. It is a simple yet weird concoction that I have difficulties with. I admire strange & unique fragrances, but Little Italy leaves much to be desired. It is not terrible, but it is not great either. As much as I love Bond No 9, I am afraid I will have to pass on this one as their are better fragrances in this category that are done way better than this. Average projection & longevity.
22nd October, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Mandarins galore - that is the opening blast and that is essentially what this product is all about. Clean, a bit sweet, sheer mandarin. On my skin it is not too synthetic, and later it is more like a mandarin lemonade. Towards the end a jasmine component lurks in the background, but the core fruit remains dominant. In all its monochrome single-fruit simplicity it is well done and quite convincing. Silage is good as is the projection. Initially it seemed to collapse after the first hour on my skin, but it returned to give a total longevity of five hours - splendid for a citrus-based scent, albeit very close to my skin for the last couple of hours. Bold Bond simplicity with a nice result.
01st June, 2014
What a big disappointment!
The note breakdown looks very interesting.
I was expecting a quality fresh citrusy scent which is simple but could be really pleasing, but this one failed me!
The opening is fresh and sweet citrusy scent with a light bitter herbal scent in the background.
The citrusy scent smell like tangerine and it's sweet.
The quality is very bad and it doesn't smell natural to my nose. it's synthetic and sweet that from first sniff reminded me of a very cheap orange candies that I used to buy when I was a little kid.
It was the cheapest candy in the market but based on what I had in my pocket those days, it's was my only choice and this fragrance remind my of those sweet orange candies!
There is a weak bitter herbal scent in the background too. something like basil or maybe it's neroli that give us that feeling but anyway it's very weak and disappears after half an hour.
The dry down and base is exactly the same of opening but without that bitter herbal smell.
Sweet, synthetic and cheap orange candy and tangerine smell all the way through!
Projection is very weak and completely close to the skin and longevity is around 2 hours on my skin!
I prefer burn my money instead of wasting my money on this fragrance that cost around $200!
01st February, 2014

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