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Caprissimo (2009)
by Carthusia


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Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Caprissimo

Caprissimo is a feminine perfume by Carthusia. The scent was launched in 2009

Reviews of Caprissimo

Carthusia Caprissimo hangs out by soon in its basically old-school sensual/soapy chypre "status" (at the beginning somewhat lemony-medicinal and probably aldehydic) before to inebriate us with its specific hesperidic-floral chic (osmanthus centered) subtleness so pungent, humid and intensely exotic (ylang-ylang??). The initial (hard to deal with) lemony-herbal transition phase is long term and slightly messy before the elements keep to take each one its own specific "sensible" settlement. I quite love the note of osmanthus since it "sounds" to me like one of the chicest elements of the "For Lady" perfumery, so princely, "piquant", fresh and forbidding. In Caprissimo this "lofty" sharp/green floral element, set in the middle of a classically aldehydic/hesperidic/mossy/resinous accord and flanked by further subtle floral "subjects" (sharp and earthy-lymphatic), elicits an unquestionably refined summery spark. Hesperides, animalic oakmoss, organic resins (absolutely well calibrated) and sharp floral leaves provide a sort of salty-organic (vaguely honeyed and lemony) undertone. Frankly I don't find the Caprissimo's aroma particularly synthetic and, in spite of its definitely classic inspiration (yes I detect the significant resemblance to Guy Laroche Fidji), it preserves an its own full dignity. The dry down (still basically dry) is a mossy-chypre modern floral accord full of freshness and soapy-floral "yacht club-like" elegance. My medium rating is basically "set" over the strongly "reminiscent" inspiration and the long phase of settlement more than over the aromachemical-based approch (which I don't detect so disturbing) or a lack of distinction.
11th May, 2015 (last edited: 14th May, 2015)
A sumptuous floral scent full of itself which tries to look like a"golden era" Caron or Guerlain, acting all opulent and feminine, while it's basically a dull chypre stuffed with synthetics and aldehydes good for rich and tasteless tourists visiting Capri. The quality in my opinion is really modest, artificial to all extents (synthetic oak moss, synthetic flowers). Not horrible, although the opening is humid, heavy and strong as hell; but a bit cheap and much pretentious.

22nd August, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The lemon opening is very gentle and restrained and accompanied by an unusually soft and mild petit grain note. I get a floral impression - mainly jasmine - added in the drydown, with the base adding some light fragrant wood. These notes never take off into full flight on my skin and remain a bit attenuated, but this might make it a good summer office scent on cooler days for some. Limited silage and projection, bit with a surprisingly good longevity of around six hours.
09th August, 2014
This perfume attracted my attention because it is rather strange. The notes elude me. It is like a spring floral, but I thought I caught a whiff of anise, which must be a phantom note. Really odd, but in an attractive way, especially if you’re seeking a new twist on a lilac-type of floral.
01st June, 2012
There iis something very pleasant, musky yet clean about Caprissimo, which was originally a green chypre but is now a green floral aldehyde. It is powdery and reminiscent of violets and sorbet. The lemon leaf and myrrh accord fills your head and cools in the summer heat as effectively as a dip in the Mediterranean. Notes of osmanthus and blue jasmine are fruity, soft and indolic. It'is perfect for going out in the summer!
10th June, 2011 (last edited: 01st June, 2012)
Carthusia Caprissimo

Carthusia makes two of my favorite scents in Carthusia Uomo and Numero Uno. Numero Uno is one of the better chypres out there, on me. I was very excited when I read Carthusia was re-issuing Caprissimo which was reportedly a former gem of a green chypre. I haven't been able to confirm whether this re-issue has any resemblance to the original but I do know that I like this version quite a bit. The top starts with a Mediterranean lemon accord mixed with green aspects. This is an opening that is bright and very common. For all of that familiarity I find it is one I like quite a bit. The heart of Carpissimo is a deep floral mix of jasmine, frangipani, and osmanthus. The green notes from the top stay in place to keep the floral heart from becoming too much the focus of Caprissimo. These three floral notes feel like they are made for each other as they create a heady floral bouquet. The base is a beautiful mix of cedar, sandalwood and myrrh. This mix of woods and myrrh make for a strong base that contrasts the green floral of the heart. Caprissimo feels like another take on a chypre without the oakmoss and the use of the myrrh works for me in that regard. If the original Caprissimo was indeed a green chypre it is my guess that this new incarnation is an attempt to stay true to that original while working within the new formulation guidelines. Caprissimo has average longevity on me and average sillage. Caprissimo is another winner for me from Carthusia.

26th September, 2009

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