Fiori di Capri (1990)
    by Carthusia

    Fiori di Capri Fragrance notes

    Wild carnation, Lily of the valley, Oak, Amber, Sandalwood, Ylang ylang

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    This is a beautiful, tantalizing scent. It may become my 2nd favorite. Just got the perfume today, and I believe it's wonderful. Would recommend to anyone who loves flora frags. I purchased because of a recommendation by someone who knows my taste. ( I have to admit that I was also curious as it was a scent that Jackie Kennedy wore). Hopefully when my nose becomes educated I will be able to describe what I smell better.

    14 March, 2013

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    If Italian people wore that beautiful fragrance in 1390, the late 14th century was not as bad as I thought! I just wonder why they waited exactly 600 years to reissue it! Fiori di Capri must be one of the most complex fragrances predating traditional post-renaissance perfumery (unless the 1990 version is a modernized concoction that has no bearing on the original). The early "glover perfumes" were extremely simple compositions that were attempts to reproduce fragrances found in nature. Fiori di Capri is a wonderful chypre floral with a very complete olfactory palette but it does "smell simple" if that makes any sense! It is quite soapy but in the most positive way. It is fresh and breezy and it is very evocative of the Island of Capri, as it was meant to be. If you like fragrances such as Ysatis (Givenchy), White Diamonds (Elizabeth Taylor) or Oleg Cassini for Women, chances are you will love Fiori di Capri. It has a lot in common with these fragrances yet it is much more delicate and refined. Carthusia fragrances are not easy to find though. In a way, it can be a plus if you are looking for exclusivity.

    19 December, 2012

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    I just bought a 50ml bottle of this perfume and I have to say it is one of the finest perfumes I have ever smelled. I bought it without knowing what it would be like (merely because of the fact that it is meant to be a recreation of a 1390 perfume) and I am definitely not disappointed.

    It is very sweet and floral - definitely tending more towards the feminine than masculine. Nevertheless I am happy to wear it. It has incredible longevity on clothing - after eight hours it is still almost as strong on my shirt as when I sprayed it this morning. On my skin it is less long lasting but it is definitely still there.

    I can't recommend this enough - it is likely to be my fragrance of choice from now on (replacing Amouage's Tribute and Chanel's Pour Homme). Oh - incidentally, the perfumer who recreated this is Laura Tonatto.

    18 August, 2012

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    Quite a large turnout at the party. Everybody showed up: Poison, Douglas Hannant, Diorissimo, Choc, L'Air du Temps, Gucci pour Homme, CDG 2 Man...

    This is an amazing clash of notes. So romantic. Whenever I sample five or six different scents simultaneously, smells eventually mix and then I always think to myself 'God, why can't there be such a concoction...'. Well, this is exactly it - ten fragrances merged into one.

    My skin has a very distinctive smell and it works so well with Fiori di Capri. I shall most certainly buy a full bottle. It is not very aggressive, but it does linger for many hours and amplifies my natural smell.

    One of the best fragrances ever. I love quirky scents and I can't be totally objective when it comes to this brand. I just love it so much.

    31st July, 2012

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    The only other carnation fragrance I'm familiar with, other than Fiori di Capri, is Fragonard's Billet Doux. The two are very different, this fragrance being much sweeter and less spicy.

    The scent is very pretty, nothing too out there, but extremely likable. I haven't managed to dislike a Carthusia scent yet.

    It's warm, flowery, slightly addictive but also a little similar to the scent of an air freshner. To my nose, it's rather classic and elegant, however I've read some reviews classifying it as an 'old lady' scent, which annoys me greatly.

    I keep wanting to say pretty, because that's the only word that comes to mind when I smell this. I have to agree with Sherapop on this one, this is far too feminine for a man to wear.

    A crisp floral bouquet of ylang ylang, carnation and lily that does have a touch of powderiness, however it is nowhere near as powdery as Aria di Capri. It can be worn casually and formally in my opinion, and it's something that should appeal to women that adore overtly feminine florals.

    Unfortunately this fragrance is rather weak on my skin, although it is a fairly mild scent for starters. The lasting power is good, but the sillage leaves much to be desired. I do however adore my strong, almost cloying fragrances, so for many the sillage may be perfect.

    I catch wafts of amber, musk and vanilla in the drydown which is rather, (I'm going to say it again) pretty, but nothing extremely original. Either way, I like this fragrance, just not enough to fall in love with it.

    04 April, 2012

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    Sampled this from for my wife (who loves floral fragrances) and she loved it!.....The initial contact with the skin is not great but after about 5 minutes this fragrance develops into something wonderful...It is slightly similar to Ysatis by Givenchy only MUCH more subdued...Probably due to the prominent Lily of the Valley note. To me this fragrance is femininity has an very innocent/beautiful quality to it...

    01st March, 2011

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