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Ligea "La Sirena"
by Carthusia


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GenderShared / Unisex
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About Ligea "La Sirena"

Ligea "La Sirena" is a shared / unisex perfume by Carthusia.

Reviews of Ligea "La Sirena"

Reminds me of the drugstore perfume Chantilly from the 80's sorry to say.....
06th March, 2014
I can appreciate the artistry of the blend of notes, but it's not speaking to me the way, say Anne Pliska just did. I think maybe I'm not a huge fan of citrus at the fact, I'm sure of it. I'm wishing a little that the citrus was toned down a smidge.
04th September, 2012
I always have so much fun with this one. It drastically improves my mood every time. I find it extremely comfortable, delicious, natural and really easy to wear. The lasting power is superb. Some people tend to compare Ligea with Shalimar and Mitsouko. I really can't say the resemblance is that obvious. Yes, they all have vanilla and powdery notes, but in my opinion 'La Sirena' actually shares a large number of similarities with Antaeus and Eau Lente. This is my first fragrance centered around opoponax and lavender and I am surprised how much I love those two notes. I am very happy with the quality of Ligea (it must be one of the best fragrances I ever had). Contrasting notes make it very dynamic, so it never gets boring. Love love love this fragrance.
12th August, 2012
The love I bear for Carthusia all began with this fragrance. Ligea la Sirena is one of those fragrances which I find highly addictive, meaning a sure future addition to my collection.

This fragrance opens with a scent that reminds me of gingerbread men. Despite the funny looks I received from the sales people when I announced this, I hold true to my statement.

It's a tad sugary, spicy and deliciously powdery. Everyone is mentioning the powder. Sure, there's powder but it's nothing like Chanel's No.5 or No.22, and nothing in comparison to Carthusia's more powdery Aria di Capri.

To my nose, Ligea la Sirena is incredibly sensual, somewhat edible and dusty in an old-fashioned sense. I love strong, old-fashioned and spicy scents, so this fragrance is right up my alley.

There are many notes missing from this listing, some of which are; cinnamon, white rose, ginger, vanilla and amber. Particularly towards the drydown, Ligea la Sirena bears a resemblance to the beautiful and classic L'Heure Bleue and Shalimar, both by Guerlain.

This is one fragrance which manages to seduce you as it moves through its development. Beginning with a sugary and foody cinnamon, mandarin and ginger burst, it later develops into a soft, feminine and woodsy powder base.

The longevity is rather impressive and the same could be said for the sillage. I feel comfortable in scents like this one, and I can agree with the consensus that its a versatile fragrance, for almost every season and occasion.
04th April, 2012
...not a bad smell but it is not something you would want to wear on yourself.
It is very easily to discribe: It smells EXACTLY like that stuff you put in you closet to keep the moths off them. Accordingly it reminds me of the smell that jumps at you when opening grandma's closet or the one of an old wool swater.
I definitely cannot imagine anyone would want to wear this on their skin ...but then again if you are scared of moths it might be a good investment!
10th January, 2009
I don't think I'll ever appreciate opoponax as a note in perfumery after this.

This has a very strong note of the opoponax note. Bitingly dark and transcending (which, in non-artistic descriptions is said to be is acrid and bitter). Makes me romantically think of the phantasmal demons and dark, dank castles of yesteryear. Not something I'd like to visit very often but very interesting in its own right. It is very, very strong! I would imagine this is what the Spanish Inquisition courts would smell like. Not that I'm trying to put a political and religious sense to the scent, but it is an image I can't shed from my mind. I can see Michael Palin from the Monty Python skit show Flying Circus suddenly bursting through the door after your first spritz exclaiming, "No one suspects the Spanish Inquisition! *orchestral hit* We have two niche fragrances we use in our interrogations: Serge Lutens, Aquca bi Biella, Carthusia, NO! Three! Three niche fragrances we use in our interrogations: Serge Lutens...."

Serious review now... this is very strong. As mentioned before, there's a strong note of opoponax. I mistakenly wore this on a bright and cheery spring day; it deadened the mood. Even coffee didn't perk me up. If you like to wear fragrance that reflects your mood, this is the one you'd wear on a day were you feel moody and a touch sinister. If that is not your thing, try it.
10th June, 2008

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