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Sin is a shared / unisex perfume by Damien Bash.

Reviews of Sin

Please allow me to introduce myself
I'm a man of wealth and taste
I've been around for a long, long year
Stole many a man's soul and faith ...
"Pleased to meet you
Hope you guessed my name, oh yeah
But what's confusing you
Is just the nature of my game"

I expected something with a name
like LUCIFER...and SIN
would be a dark,luxurious,heavy even Loud...fragrance
much the way Dior's Poison was back in the 80's.
to my surprise...
Parfum Lucifer Sin
is fruity... sweet .. candied much like a Cherry Flavored Lifesaver...
and almost afraid of it's own power...
Sadly this fragrance fades into a subconscious whisper ...

It doesn't announce itself ..
linger or stain you with it's "presence"..
like you think something that with a name like Parfum LUCIFER would.
He Arrogantly would Declare himself to the World. "I Lucifer."

To quote Nina Hagen in her famous song New York New York...
"I know who I am
And I am willing to declare myself to the world
I am a star!"

sadly ...
He has fallen from Grace and his Brilliant Angel Wings have been clipped ...
Parfum Lucifer Sin
is for those that secretly want to be the Seducer... the Dominatrix.. the
Sexual Deviant ...
but are bit afraid to peer that close over the sexual edge.

I like the fragrance really,
but wish it was
brilliantly soo much more ...
19th June, 2010
I tried the sample of the Sin by Damien Bash first and I loved it and that night my husband wouldn't keep his hands off me. He was saying the scent coming from me is working on him better than Viagra. So, needless to say that I bought this gorgeous fragrance.
This is one of the best scents out there and I must tell you that it is NOT for the middle class, striving and insecure mentality who would label everything in life in order to understand it.
This fragrance is sexy, enigmatic and simply delicious. Put a little on and give it 30 minutes to mix with your chemistry and you will be amazed. But beware, the sinner in you will come out.
I love it!
Love it!!
07th August, 2009
This smells just like a nondescript vintage floral not aged gracefully. A little sour/sharp/musty/sweet. Sin? Nah, maybe Punishment.
14th August, 2006
Took a sniff at this some time ago and I found it to be very interesting actually. Seriously thinking of buying it.
12th January, 2006
The biggest sin was creating this fragrance. This is, I kid you not, basically cherry chapstick bottled. Itís so grossly sweet and synthetic. How did this get the name Sin? This doesnít fit in with ANY other Damien Bash fragrances. You could probably find a strikingly similar fragrance at any hot topic or low end teen store.
22nd September, 2005
Took a whiff and got bonked on the head with familiarity. Life Saver Candy. No way
30th June, 2004

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