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    Monyette Paris is a women's fragrance by Monyette Paris.

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    50ml EdP

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    United States United States

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    Genre: Floral

    A soft, lightly sweetened gardenia (which is hard to do,) with a healthy dollop of piña colada on top. Very simple, very linear, and quite pleasant, despite a tendency for the gardenia note to grow somewhat flat and artificial over time. Nice, still, if what you’re after is a straightforward, relatively durable gardenia.

    17th October, 2014

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    A light and pretty, girly fragrance with a near instant smack of coconut that lasts for a few minutes, then becoming a creamy gardenia. On me this was not at all a heavy scent, but soft and smoother than Kai - but I will revisit that one again later, for a better comparison. It has good sillage and an excellent longevity, a beautiful scent for the evening.

    21st October, 2011

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    No, there's nothing ground breaking here. And yet this strikes a chord in me. Every summer season I find myself nostaligically longing for the times I've spent in my tropical homeland, Hawaii, and this, this SATISFIES me. I love it. Normally intolerant to anything un-french or un-chypre, sometimes this girl just needs something sweet, tropical, and incense-y in the dog-heat of summer and this is the one I turn to. Sophistication be damned in 89% humidity - I need something that transports me to tropical paradise. Monyette Paris oil is something I will revisit every summer. The perfect compliment to your beachy un-done hair, rumpled linen garb, and sun-bronzed skin.

    03rd July, 2011

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    England England

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    This is not a work scent, it is one to wear when it's time to play! l love this scent; it's full-on creamy, gorgeous, tropical gardenia with coconut, vanilla & burnt sugar. Perfect for beach holidays & summer nights spent outside on a terrace somewhere, it needs a gentle warm breeze to make it bloom. To confine it indoors would be like keeping a beautiful bird of paradise in a cage; attractive, but wrong. lt would be like wearing a lei anywhere but Hawaii.
    The sillage starts off quietly but be warned, it actually gets stronger as it dries down. Longevity is good.
    This review is for the EDP.

    07th February, 2011

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    This is a big hot gardenia coconut embrace. I do get the "suntan oil" nuance, but unlike some people rather like that easy-going casual note. However, for that reason, Monyette may not work for you ladies looking for a more sophisticated office frag.

    I've been trying the perfume version, and it's very strong. I can smell one spritz for a good 5+ hours, which makes this rather economical splurge. I can imagine that an overapplication would not be fun, for the wearer or for the wearer's immediate neighbours.

    I'm look forward to trying its greener sister, Kai.

    20th May, 2010

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    United States United States

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    This is a very generic white floral perfume oil .I really don't get any gardenias , the vanilla is apparent, but no incense. It's a white floral with somthing artificial about it. I see no relation to true Monoi oil macerated with tiare which is very distinctive and strong.
    Being a perfume oil, I find the sillage to be little or close. I SO wanted to love this with the cult following and the gardenias in it. It smells artifical to me.

    Update : 3 years later !
    The above is how I felt about Monyette Paris and this is how I feel about it now.
    Lily of the valley that leads to a gardenia like Kai - creamy which is augmented by a rich vanilla cream . There is a sense of coconut in this perfume oil but I am not sure coconut is in this scent. Maybe it is an olfactory illusion. Talking of illusions, I get a gardenia suntan oil aura with Monyette .
    My main problem with Monyette was that coconutty vibe which I have since learnt to love and I guess my complete lack of appreciation for Monyette in general .Bias !
    Everyone compares Kai to Monyette . Frankly apart from the gardenia, these two have nothing in common. I have been through bottles of Kai including the body wash ( which I adore ! )
    Differences :
    Kai is a fresh dewy GREEN gardenia with a touch of lily of the valley and a teeny bit of coconut to give iti a roundness - not apparent unless you really look for it.
    At times, Kai can be a little shampoo -esque.
    Kai in perfume oil is strong for an hour and then recedes so much you must re apply. I can go through a 3.6 ml roll on in a week or less .
    Kai is more or less linear.

    Monyette Paris is creamy gardenia, sweeter than Kai , vanilla and a strong lily of the valley top note. Earthy with Nag Champa in the dry down.Suntan oil / coconutty vibe with gardenia.
    Monyette as Teardrop has said, gathers up in force as it progresses and does get stronger and more noticeable on your skin. It will last all day but changes from metallic lily of the valley to creamy earthy gardenia.

    A final note - I have learnt to never say never to a scent. Monyette Paris is a prime example of this complete turnaround.
    I owe it to my friend Teardrop whom I respect greatly and my respect for her, led me to to go back to Monyette . I am so happy I did. *smile*

    26th August, 2009 (Last Edited: 26th July, 2012)

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