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Lauren Style (2004)
by Ralph Lauren


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Year of Launch2004
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HouseRalph Lauren
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > Prestige & Collections

About Lauren Style

Lauren Style is a feminine perfume by Ralph Lauren. The scent was launched in 2004

Reviews of Lauren Style

I bought it on sale (at a duty-free, where else, right?) and it bores me to tears. Boring! I am using it now as an air-freshener for my car.
That being said, it does not smell offensive. Unless you consider being bored to DEATH offensive.
08th May, 2010
I bought Lauren Style three years ago at the duty-free abroad. I thought it was pretty average then, just another nice 'pink floral' - nice enough but nothing really special. Then I just left it alone and ignored it through its want of something special, as all I got from it was nothing but 'watermelon'. Just watermelon, nothing else. Melon isn't my favourite smell either.
Since that time, however, I have to admit that this perfume has completely grown on me: in fact, at the moment in spring/summer time, it's my absolute favourite scent that makes me feel classy. I just don't get watermelons as much, I suppose. The classy square bottle, cute pale pink colour, and reminiscences of 'being somewhere in a summer meadow doing something outdoorsy' (very ME), have ensured that this is a very desirable perfume - at least for me. My boyfriend doesn't like it, but I feel someone has to stand up for this pink, fruity, summery delight!
15th July, 2009
A very pedestrian/artificially sweet/cotton candy-like take from Ralph Lauren that deserves mention only because of its
pretty bottle. The juice inside is, unfortunately, deathly sweet -- like fruit compote sprinkled with saccharine. It has nice
enough clean opening notes with a forgettable drydown. For women who think themselves stylish, but are not.

Don't bother with this one.
09th February, 2009
When I first saw this perfume, the pink juice made me think that it had a powder base to it (It does not). LS is a clean/ fresh floral on me (I do not smell the fruit notes at all). It is very nice for the office/ daytime because it is not overpowering. This one seems to last an hour or two and then it wears close to the skin. It is a bit ordinary and simple, but it smells very good...It is perfect when you want to wear a light/ clean fragrance.
06th February, 2009
Got this as a gift when it came out, but never really wore it.

It's just too sweet for me. The scent has this light, sticky, lingering, sweetness that I find unappealing because of how it reminds me of the gummi bear bodysplash I wore when I was twelve.

It's a good teenager fragrance, but I think that smelling of candy as an adult woman is giving off the wrong message. For me anyway.

Update: Unable to even promote this srcubber to my bathroom shelf, I tried to make some use of it by spraying it on my dog when he came inside after rolling in something smelly. The result was the incongruous miasma of a sketchy summer carnival - cotton candy layered over swampy wet dog. Not recommended.
24th December, 2008 (last edited: 26th June, 2011)
Clean, fresh and light but ordinary.
09th October, 2008

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