Conquest for Men (2004)
    by Agatha Brown

    • Launched: 2004
    • Type: Masculine
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Unknown - Let us know
    • Bottle Designer: Pouchet

    Average Rating: 3.5

    Based on 39 ratings
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    Conquest for Men Fragrance Notes

    Conquest for Men information

    Conquest for Men is a men's fragrance by Agatha Brown. The scent was launched in 2004 and the bottle was designed by Pouchet

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    A masculine floral with a smooth lavender and tonka accord that is elegant and classy rested upon a subtle wood.

    19th June, 2008

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    For the 007 kind of guy elegant, sophisticated, debonaire, suave, sexy, and D A N G E R O U S!

    Conquest to my nose is an interesting alliance of two notes: grapefruit and lavender. Its flow is like a game of two halves played in the same style by two different teams. Its also not your typical run of the mill citrus fragrance.

    The notes pyramid can actually be reduced to: Top: Grapefruit, Middle: Lavender, Base: cedar, vetiver, benzoin. Conquest opens with a burst of tart citrus notes; its the dual combo of yuzu (a small grapefruit like fruit), and grapefruit (err...its grapefruit) that provides this sour yet appealing opening. I cant discern the fig note but I believe its role is to diminish the possible astringent impact of the yuzu and grapefruit pairing to manageable levels..and it succeeds. The heart notes are all about lavender (or Iced Lavender, according to the official notes listing)..interestingly to my nose, it seems that the yuzu/grapefruit note and high octane doses of lavender in this rendition share a trait - a tart character. Once again, the floral and apple notes are barely perceptible to my nose, but I believe they control the intensity of the "iced" lavender note. By this time, Conquest has entered its last phase of dominance .. and here is where it reveals its rich set of notes. The lavender, while still prominent, is joined by vetiver and benzoin to form a complex base which lasts for atleast 5 hours.

    Despite sporting widely varying notes in its pyramid, the dominant accord of Conquest is surprisingly coherent (although the base does reveal a more varied set of notes). Conquest differentiates itself from the hordes of cookie cutter citrus releases every year, and is definitely a must try if you like grapefruit and/or lavender notes in your fragrance. Its citrus start belies the fact that its elaborate basenotes make it suitable for evening wear as well. Conquest will probably not make it into my rotation because there are many fragrance in the crowded citrus realm that I like more. However, it doesnt really matter whether you are a 007 or 711 kind of guy - Conquest can help you conquer the challenge of smelling good.

    A side note: Despite what's stated on the bottle, Conquest for men is actually an EDP, composed of 18% concentration of oils.

    06th May, 2007

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    Conquest is an incredible fragrance. It's smooth, it's warm, it's cozy and it's very wearable. Agatha Brown's creation is like a beautiful child.... filled with a natural, radiating beauty, but tentative and self-conscious. Conquest leans towards florals, but inches a foot backwards... waves at amber but recoils a hand slightly. Conquest is a scent that nods at many different varieties but never quite commits to any. This is "not" a fault; however - sort of like an Obsession without the sharpness and Jaipur without the spicy overload. Conquest is slightly soapy, smooth, ambery and wonderful. One of a kind. Sillage is great, longevity could be better.

    07th March, 2007

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    This is a very good fragrance with a nice citrus opening which gives way to a great floral heart note that is still masculine as the wood of the basenote appears. This would be wonderful as an EdP.

    27th July, 2006

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    Refined citrus top notes: subtle, and balanced by a light application of fig leaf and lavender. The floral center is as smooth as the opening. The floral notes take over quietly, eventually giving way to the primarily light wood base keeping the soft, warm motif of the fragrance intact. I really can’t separate the notes in the base but it has a wood and tonka feel. I would like the base to have a little more presence. Conquest is a smooth, lovely, refined fragrance which presents a fine sillage and lasts impressively. Very unique!

    05th March, 2006

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    Good stuff. I can really smell the lavender and Tonka bean in this one. It is warm, and seems to mesh very well with my body chemistry. When I first smelled this fragrance, I was instantly reminded of Obsession, even though I haven't smelled Obsession for years. Perhaps it is the warm vanilla note that does it for me. Anyway, it just goes to show that often times, scent can trigger memories easier than any other sense. Hmmm...scent sense...I like that.

    18th January, 2006

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