Rosamor (2004)
    by Oscar de la Renta

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    The name Rosamor comes from a merge of the two Spanish words for love (amor) and (flower) rosa.

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    My opinion of Rosamor is that it is a soft sweet floral not very exceptional on my skin (sample sprayed at T.J.Maxx)I agree with castorpollux .This isn't a stinkbomb but meh just okay.

    06 May, 2010

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    I really don't understand why this perfume got so many negative reviews here. I think it's a very nice perfume. Very creamy and rosy. Actually, this is what it smells like, mostly- rose cream. Without being sharp or aldehydic, or synthetic.Not chemical at all, I definetly do not smell that.

    And is also has a cold minty touch blended in the veil of creamy discrete tuberose. Very interesting perfume, delicate, gentle...and it is not forgetable.

    Well, it may be forgetable after something like Poison, but that's definetly not an insult to Rosamor.
    Rosamor is not vulgar and vampy! And this, to me, means more than "being unforgetable" for some.

    And it is still in production, as far as I know.

    Thumbs up for the romantic, creamy and delicate Rosamor (what a wonderful name for it)

    03 April, 2010

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    I was expecting a rose with some spice, but even in the warmth of spring, it reminded me of a heavy oriental, but with weak staying power. I guess i was just expecting a moderate strength rose, but this was off putting to me.

    01st April, 2010

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    I'm so saddened to see the poor reviews for this perfume - it's my favorite! It smells flowery and is perfect for a bright, shiney day. The drydown is musky, but not overly so, which is good for me as I absolutely cannot stand that dirty-hippie patchouli/incense smell. I was saddened to learn that it was not being made, at least that's what the girl at Macy's told me 2 years ago - yet here it says it's in production. I love it.

    08 May, 2009

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    Jordan Jordan

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    it is an average fragrance that has nothing remarkable ... not bad any way

    26 August, 2008

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    Sorry, There's no Amor in Rosamor!

    28 July, 2008

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