Bois d'Argent Cologne (2004)
    by Christian Dior

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    Bois d'Argent Cologne Fragrance notes

    Honey, Patchouli, Iris

    Bois d'Argent Cologne information

    Part of a collection of three scents [Eau Noire, Cologne Blanche and Bois D'Argent], designed by Hedi Slimane which are exclusive to Dior Homme outlets.

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    Powdery Iris and patchouli with a honey note that is pretty good. The powderness (not a word) gives it a feminine vibe, but can be pulled off by any confident dude. Seems like something you could spray on your sheets. Light wood and incense give this a nice twist. 8/10

    11th March, 2015

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    Like a Monday morning church. Sacred, divine, holy. Brisk honey open dries down to a heavenly, church pew, antique woods note. Praise God for Bois d'Argent. 5 out of 5

    10th August, 2014 (Last Edited: 18th August, 2014)

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    Genre: Woody Oriental

    Nothing I'm ever going to love. Bois d'Argent is a very sweet fragrance with an assertive, rooty iris note, but oddly little goes on beneath the honeyed iris surface. Remarkably for something so thin, Bois d'Argent also has an ingredient that makes me cough and choke.

    At least it doesn't fall back on the same generic and synthetic fruity heart that ruins Dior Homme for me. Still, I can't help but find this scent simplistic and anemic - especially for something marketed as unique and exclusive.

    10th June, 2014

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    Should of called it "sexwax" Cologne

    Pick up a bar of sexwax surfwax and you'll Know exactly what I'm getting. I finally got a sniff on this stuff thanks to walkdogg and I've gotta say that the similarities between this and a fresh bar of sexwax is quite unexpected. It's got a quite "fluffy" barrel of sugar smell to it. Kinda similar to a root-beer candy lozenge. So far so good. I don't quite get a woody scent, but the way this stuff floats around you without being overpowering is amazing. It's as if lil fairy's are flying around sprinkling the perfect ratio of juice to air. I'd say it's very smooth to smell if that makes sense. No sharp points, just fluffy cotton candy. All in all, this is quite simply my favorite scent I've laid my nose on.

    Cons: Maybe price? "

    19th October, 2013

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    Bois D'Argent EDP

    Mysterious, dry, very cold, crisp, and powdery. I'm getting a heavy iris top note that is absolutely stunning, one of the best I've ever smelled. Almost vegetable like however I couldnt pinpoint the produce Im detecting (celery?) Im also sensing that vanilla was incorporated into this fragrance. There is no such thing as over applying with this juice as it remains close to the skin. In terms of being masculine or feminine, I would confidently say that this lies directly in the middle being a perfect example as a unisex fragrance. Original and ridiculously addicting. In fact, I have probably smelled my wrist 20 times in the past 10 minutes. BDA received the stamp of approval with a huge grin from my wife who tends to be overly critical with my fragrances. I won't ever let go of this juice. I would probably stick with the EDP version due to its light to moderate projection.


    Pros: Iris at it's best
    Cons: Light projection"

    14th July, 2013

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    Belgium Belgium

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    Smelled this yesterday at El Corte Ingles in Madrid. Nice smell. Reminds me of Armani White He (unfortunately discontinued) with a hint of tobacco. Also thought this was a unisex scent. Nice but disgustingly overpriced, starting at 150 euro a bottle. Smells too much designer for that and not special enough. Therefore a neutral.

    01st April, 2013

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