100% Love (2003)
    by S-Perfume

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    I feel awful giving this a neutral review as I feel strongly that it is brilliant and awful. It does recreate that Love sensation, that all is sweet and fluffy like a candy floss hug. Combined with the background stomach butterflies knowing that you don't know anything that's about to happen. I Feel it but maybe I'm just not 'in love' enough right now to want to wear it.
    75% love hearts
    15% sour salt secretions
    6% vanilla
    4% musk
    No, No we just can't be together, it's just not right.

    06 March, 2014

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    United States United States

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    It is amazing that I don't get the chocolate note at all, since everyone else seems to. All I get is a linear strawberry/raspberry effect with a dry sour rose note holding it up.

    One of those gourmand scents that was never meant to be splashed on a human being.

    These attempts to outdo the unique creation of ANGEL all fail in my estimation. Be happy with the original and don't even attempt to do it one better.

    All in all, this is perfectly pleasant a scent (I don't get any of the negative reactions others do), but better found in the make-up of a Pepperidge Farm berry turnover than on a person.

    19 January, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Slick, green, vile, and vomitous. Something sappy and milky—a paper-dry odor is rasping at the back of my throat. Light, abstract floral on salty, vegetal substances. This perfume is ugly. I am terribly disappointed because this was touted as Sophia Grojsman’s masterpiece. What’s up? For an “odd floral,” Kenzo Flower is infinitely more attractive. I don't 'care how original it is, it smells like stomach regurgitation.

    11th December, 2012

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    United States United States

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    Dark chocolate & berry vomit. No hyperbole, no sneering. I’m an RN and smell a lot of vomit. This smells like dark chocolate, a couple of blueberries and gastric secretions.

    Is this meant to be experimental/supercilious as in Secretions Magnifiques? It’s part of the S-Perfume condom-covered line. Is it meant to refer to some aspect of sex (that apparently I’ve never experienced)?

    I’m vaguely perplexed, but it smells so awful that I have no interest in returning to the scene of the crime and getting to the bottom of it.

    04 June, 2012

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    Cyprus Cyprus

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    The first 3..5 wearings are the most interesting ones. Eventually I got used to the rancid smell that draw interest in the first place. Like cheese or smelly feet. Now as I'm more trained to separate 'notes' I don't experience this effect any more. The fragrance got its place in the archive.
    Chocolate and rose and woods and incense in a dry blend that decidedly is pleasing, if not sexy. I would love to smell it on a woman. It's youthful, joyful. Once I smell it unexpectedly I will be slap happy.

    01st February, 2012

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    Thailand Thailand

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    Rose, chocolate, incense, and a bucketload of vomit from someone who had eaten spoiled fish.

    A more 'chic' and wearable scent in the same vein as Secretions Magnifiques. They both have a similar bilge note to my nose. The rest of the scent are pretty different from eachother, but I'd like to think of it as "Secretions Magnifiques pour Femme." A true scent for mermaids. Unfortunately, I am not a mermaid so this one isn't for me.

    15 November, 2011

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