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S-ex (2004)
by S-Perfume


S-ex information

Year of Launch2004
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerChristophe Laudamiel
Parent CompanyShaping Room

About S-ex

S-ex is a shared / unisex perfume by S-Perfume. The scent was launched in 2004 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Christophe Laudamiel

Reviews of S-ex

Remember Pleather? Faux leather made from polyurethane for those who wanted the experience without the destruction of animal life. Well, S-ex is just that - Pleather.

There is a leather vibe here, side by side with a synthetic oceanic accord with the dry effect of reeds blowing in the wind. Both attractive and repellent at the same time.

Turin of course gave it five stars. However, if real sex smelled like this, I fear the planet's birth rate would decrease at an alarming rate.

An odd little experiment that didn't work. The leather though is nice, so perhaps a reworking of the ingredients, focussing on just that aspect might be worth another round in the labs. The note tree is childishly ridiculous.
25th March, 2016
Honestly I don't see the point with this scent. S-Ex smells like an "anonimous" attempt to perform a sort of minimal/abstract and avant-garde floral-aldehydic (a la Comme de Garcons Series 6 Synthetic) with a sharp appeal, a soft neutral "hygienic" muskiness and a clean cellophane/ozone/suede/liquid spices/calone-"pure oxygen"-centered structure. Frankly I don't get the "pop art" twist (excellent Alfarom's review- with its references to Basquiat and Andy Warhol- which anyway I mostly disagree with), just a tad of fruity "sultry neutralism" and a yet runned thematic by now kind of redundant and frankly cloying-fulsome. The outcome is "by soon collapsed", kind of synthetically sultry-cloying and plastic lubrificant. Almost total absence of evolution (just you get gradually liquid spice, berrish musk, ozonic salt and detergent suede), chemical pale red berrish sultriness, piquancy, bathroom detergent, calonic saltiness, fleeting petroleous suede, linalool, Iso E Super and galaxolide. I catch pepper more than smoke, I see more "polarizing department store" calonic experiments than hyper-classic leather-floral juice under my nose. Finally I get something in the middle between the aroma of flavoured condoms and the one of spray for flatiron. Close to skin. Game Over.

P.S: dry down, after a couple of hours, seems significantly more interesting (finally kind of subtle, spicy, ostensibly organic, delicately soapy and structured after the initial collapse) since the initial sultry warmth turns out less artificially (and kind of delicately soapy and airy-silky), some undiscerned floral pattern peeps out and I start to detect more spicy piquancy, a tad of pencil-shavings vibe, less "contraceptive plastic", laundriness, a smooth suede and a less disturbing brash metrosexual fruitiness.

P.S 2: finally I have to admit that this juice evolves (slowly, slowly). In this final phase I get the Alfarom's reference to classics (& neo-classics, especially subtle leathers) and I ideally smell a sort of ideal combination of a soapy-ozonic Chopard Heaven (vaguely Humiecki&Graef Askew and Multiple Rouge jump as well on mind) and a subtle Hermes neo-classic leather a la Cuir d'Ange. Weirdly another scent jumping finally on my mind is the conceptually opposite Jul et Mad Amour de Palazzo.
04th November, 2015 (last edited: 05th November, 2015)
S-ex opens as a rather mild sort of heavily synthetic musk-leather scent on the “bright” vinyl side, unexpectedly quite much similar to Etienne Aigner Black, just a bit more sweet and flowery. That same sort of plastic leather-musk-violet blend with a mainstream feel (which means partially “cheap”, partially “crowd-pleasing”). Smoky, spicy, smooth and gentle but “masculine” as regards of the mood, as much pleasant as frankly uninspired for me, easily lost among dozens of similar cheap synthetic leather scents – as I said, by mentioning leather I mean “polished”, PU-like leather, so don’t think of any Knize and similar (rather as I said, think of Aigner Black if you know it; this is really, really similar to it for me – except for the strength and the price, and guess who’s cheaper and less pretentious). I honestly don’t get half of the notes listed, to me this is just a crippled, barely enjoyable mixture of leather aromachemicals plus musky-floral ones and spices, and that’s it. A smooth skin scent lacking in pretty much anything you could expect, with an intolerably short persistence. The whiff of synthetic breezy “ozone” surely echoes Comme des Garçons offerings as well, just with way less creativity and interest. I can’t see reason to own this, but give it a try (be reminded to be really quick).

19th June, 2015
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
But is it Art?

The first thing that crossed this Japanese outfit's mind when creating their first fragrance was to reproduce a verisimilitude of a seminal fluid note (as you do).

The whole effect was to be likened to the freshly lathered genitalia of a wild animal.

But we have a sort of fresh salted leather with a sweet woody musk on top.

I think it's great
08th December, 2014
Genre: Leather

A subtle skin scent was the last thing I expected from S-Perfumes after the olfactory assault of their 100% Love, but that’s exactly what S-ex is. S-ex opens on a blend of proudly synthetic floral and aquatic notes, with the instantly recognizable plastic-melon tang of Calone at the head. The Calone and clean chemical florals persist, but are joined – or perhaps I’d better say opposed - by a smoky, dark leather accord. “Opposed” because the two accords confront one another without blending, or even overlapping. The effect is very much of smelling two entirely different fragrances at once. This standoff generates a tremendous sense of tension that sustains interest in what is essentially a quiet, close-wearing scent. That the development is linear is an advantage in this case, since having either of the two opposed olfactory blocks become clearly dominant would extinguish the driving force behind the scent.

About the name: if like me, your idea of a seductive fragrance is something like Muscs Koublaï Khân or Oud Cuir d’Arabie, S-ex is not a sexy scent. The powerful Calone note wraps S-ex in a capsule of cool, clinical detachment, and even the smoky leather accord is devoid of animalic warmth. In this respect S-ex closely approaches some of Marc Buxton’s work for Comme des Garçons, and if scents like CdG 2 Man or Scent 71 appeal to you, this will too. I can't help but find it too clean, too artificial, and hence a little bit alienating. Also, I'd rather my leather scents not be eunuchs.
02nd July, 2014
This starts off fresh & slightly floral, with a large dose of the ozonic/salty marine note of calone. The impression is of a very "white" & clean fragrance, in a similar way to Eternity, but more translucent, & hovering weightlessly above the skin. lf this is sex, it is a futuristic, non-contact, cyber-sex version. ln the heart, l get a very faint strawberry note along with white musk. l get no leather at all until around three hours in, just as it's all beginning to fade, & then a little sweetness from the malt. Five hours in, it's completely gone.
l don't hate this, but it lacks any kind of animalic warmth, & instead just leaves me cold. Not the kind of sex l'm into, thanks.
27th February, 2013

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