Love In Paris (2004)
    by Nina Ricci

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    Love in Paris is a tidy, smart floral, accessible yet creatively distinctive. The flower note is broad, a sort of idealized rich, dry white/pink flower. But if the flower is the noun, fruit and herb are the adjectives. The fruit Love gives you is more the flavorful scratchiness of fruit skin—peach? plum?---than the meat of the fruit. It keeps Love from veering anywhere near syrup. The sweetness comes from the anise, not the fruit. Fruity sweetness is a lingua franca of commercial feminine perfumery, but here sweetness and fruit flavor are separate elements combined to mimic a more vernacular sweetness. Clever, actually. It’s a sly sweetness that would appeal to many noses.

    In most designer releases, sweetness is two-dimensional. More volume-up, volume-down than nuance. Do you prefer 8 lumps or 12? Love gives us a compact but more three-dimensional sweetness that is a perfect backdrop for the florals. Anise also lends that chilly feel that makes the flowers feel just pulled from the florist’s fridge.

    I’m a fan of this perfumer, Aurélien Guichard. Love proves that he is able to work in designer, niche and traditional house (ie. Guerlain) with equal fluency. Love, Bond’s Chinatown, Guerlain’s Anisia Bella show some riffs on similar compositional themes without repetition or monotony. No mean trick in contemporary perfumery.

    24 July, 2011 (Last Edited: 10th August, 2011)

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    Ehm... it's ok. Fresh fruity stuff. Can be interpreted as:
    a)fruit salad!
    b)fruity scented shampoo

    I enjoy it sometimes, cause it's fresh, and definetly not sweet, like some perfume that want to smell like fruits, but end up smelling like fruit syrup.

    It smells like fruits. So it's foody!

    ...and yes, it does have strong peach and banana notes, among other things.

    26 April, 2010

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    Wow, what a different nose-experience. Love in Paris to me is a really pretty floral with a clove, or carnation, note that gives it some brightness, it really stands out on the skin with me so I don't wear very much; but it's great for evening wear. I like it because it's not particularly soft, but it is not brash.

    06 December, 2009

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    I have never gotten as many compliments on my perfume as I have since I started wearing this one! I love it. It's light but lasts long. It's fresh but doesn't smell like just soap. It's feminine yet not sooo sweet or too flowery. I've gotten complimented on it from both men and women...and I've gotten asked "what perfume are you wearing?" even by salespeople at fragrance counters. I think it's very unique. My husband doesn't like heavily sweet perfumes (hated Hanae Mori Butterfly) but he loves Love In Paris. And some people who usually are very sensitive to smell (allergies) have said that it doesn't bother them.

    09 June, 2009

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    I have tried and tried to get this fragrance based upon the review in "The Guide" but all I get is watered down peach and shampoo. It is not pretty, it does not evolve in any fashion, and I wouldn't want anyone to catch me smelling of this!

    28 March, 2009

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    Ms Rochambeau
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    Nothing exceptional. No surprises. Just a typical perfume-y smelling floral that can become really cloying if you spray too much on. The floral notes were so overwhelming that they over-shadowed any other notes that may be in there. I simply shut down to it after a few minutes and scrubbed it off when I got home.This kind of scent is my reason for disliking the floral category of scents in general.

    20th February, 2009

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