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    Mimi Gardenia
    United States United States

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    Woody Fruit Spice

    Oh sigh... Bois et Fruits. A gorgeous oriental offering of lush and sweet fruits laid on a carved wooden dish plated in gold. Plummy, jammy ,rich , slightly opaque in smell and the distinctive Lutens cedar accord running through it. Yes, much resemblance to Feminite du Bois and Dolce Vita by Dior . FdB is less sweet and of course the Dior is now very much watered down .
    Reminds me of Mitsouko ( peachy plummy fruitiness of the Parfum de Toilette now discontinued ) so I must have some.

    Pros: Beautiful
    Cons: Price"

    15 August, 2013

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    Justin Case

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    This is fruity incense - the kind you can find easily and cheaply in many traditional markets in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, only here it's packaged with the name Serge Lutens and sold to you for an extravagant amount of money. A little aggravating to me, to be honest.

    And if you were looking for a fig perfume, I could not detect any fig here at all.

    21st April, 2013

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    Bois et Fruits certainly bears resemblance to Mother Bois, Feminite du Bois - mostly in the familiar cedar note blend. But where I find FdB's plum note to be over ripe but juicy, the fruits in Bois et Fruits seem dusty and dry, flat and stale. This is certainly not a knock on this fragrance, but it did not meet my expectations, and I would not enjoy wearing this dry, muddled fruit over a pleasant cedar note on too many days.

    13 February, 2012

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    Spain Spain

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    A gorgeous fruity oriental that oozes seduction and a sort of sweet sumptuousness.
    The fruity accords here don´t err on the naive side but rather it provides a bright and vibrant touch to the composition, varnishing the aroma of a layer of Orientalist luxury.
    On the other hand , emerging from the heart, the aromatic notes of cedar wood provide the counterpoint to the kind sweetness of peach, apricot and plum trio.
    big thumbs up for this delicious combination of Orientalist fruit.

    21st December, 2011

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    Doctor Mod
    United States United States

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    I was quite excited a few months ago when I read that many of the Serge Lutens "bell jar" fragrances were going to offered in the US for a limited time in the standard Lutens containers. Unfortunately, the one that I'd most like to purchase, Bois Oriental, isn't one of them. So I tried what I thought would be the next best thing: Bois et Fruits, which has left me feeling quite underwhelmed.

    I have now tested it several times, hoping for some breakthrough, perhaps, but the results are always the same: a nice but less than energetic cedar base and some strange substance that doesn't come off as fruity to my nose--unless the fruit is of the wax variety.

    Actually, Bois et Fruits reminds me very much of the original Shisedo Feminité du Bois, about which I feel much the same as I do about this fragrance. Beeswax was among the listed notes for the vintage Feminité, and I'm quite sure that was what I found so off-putting about it. It isn't listed for Bois et Fruits, but I smell something waxy that is neither fresh nor (to my mind) attractive. The sillage is decent if less than spectacular while it lasts--and it only lasted for about an hour, perhaps two, in my tests.

    I appreciate and respect the reviewers who have drastically different perceptions of this scent, but that isn't how it works on my skin. I really did want to like this one, but Arabie and Ambre Sultan fill this niche much better for me.

    12 September, 2010

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    United States United States

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    Before I get to a long-forgotten holiday fruitcake, Bois et Fruits inflicts clouds of rancid butter or ghee. Before it vanishes, there is a suggestion of an Arabie-soaked platter of dried figs, dates, apricots and raisins. Nasty!

    01st September, 2010

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