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    Chêne Fragrance Notes

    Chêne information

    Chêne is a unisex fragrance by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido. The scent was launched in 2004

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    "analogy" is like when you're just getting on a new car and smelled the leather holstery blended with the fine oak panel board and oak steering wheel with cup of whiskey held in an oak cup board and this oak appropriated is the finest set up in this new high class luxurious car...wow beautiful...

    21st June, 2014 (Last Edited: 24 June, 2014)

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    Genre: Woods

    Chêne is dry, woody, mossy, and just a bit astringent: a real walk in the forest. No extra syrup either, just the natural sweetness of cured oak logs, plus lots of herbs and lots of booze. The oak note in Chêne is beyond real, its hallucinogenic. Repeated wear leaves me feeling that Chêne is the appalling Miel de Bois done right. Which is to say, without the overwhelming dried urine note that rendered that otherwise interesting fragrance unwearable.

    Long-lasting, with moderate sillage and a beautiful mossy/woody/tonka bean drydown. It smells "serious," but it makes me happy.

    11th June, 2014

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    I get the smell of oak with a beautiful rum accord and a birch note making the scent lighter and more aromatic at the start.

    Then the wood and sweetness merge to give you a sweet smoky woody scent. It's done just right in that it does not get too sweet. I love woody fragrances and this is really evocative.

    06 June, 2014

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    Misnamed as there is as much cedar as oak here but it is very good anyway. Not amongst the more outlandish of the Lutens collection but a bit of complexity is added by some dry spice notes and a lovely waxy base. Suits a reflective mood. Good longevity from 5 sprays.

    P.S. it's not in the database at the time of writing but for the woodiest tree scent in the forest try the remarkable Siskiyou Cedar Cologne by Juniper Ridge.

    17 April, 2013

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    Chêne is yet another Lutens perfume that doesn’t dare to smell like anything other than Atlas cedar (Lutens’ personal favorite note). As is the case of Lutens’ Feminite du Bois, the Atlas cedar aroma in Chêne is derived not from actual Atlas cedar (it has Virginia cedar, which is actually juniper wood) but rather by suggesting it through a clever accord, in this case comprised of oak, birch, and rum. The one albeit minor variation in Chêne is that the Atlas cedar effect is smoky—in fact, the finish is rather "church-ee."

    Oh, how I wish that this perfume dared to be what it was meant to be (based on its supporting notes): a true dry/aromatic woody fragrance, not another sweet/cough drop-like Atlas cedar-type perfume. Toss out the rum, honey, and Tonka, and throw in some orris butter, a pinch of patchouli, and a smidge of vetiver. What a crisp, classy, alluring, and masculine fragrance that would make…an impeccably groomed gentleman in a tailor-made designer tuxedo.

    In any event, if Atlas cedar is the note/accord that you’re after, then I suggest Lutens’ Cèdre or even Feminite du Bois instead.

    18 January, 2013 (Last Edited: 19 January, 2013)

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    This scent is one of the most uplifting, alluring and refreshing ones from the SL House; themed around woody mossy notes.

    It took me about 5 wearings to understand it fully; have now established a strong connection with the meaning and the soul of the scent. I wear it mostly on spring/autumn/summer days during the day time to refresh me and remind me of how powerful nature really is...

    If you enjoy the fougere and woody genres, give Chene a try; you might fall in love too and make it an essential piece in your wardobe/travel box set, like I do.

    Good longevity and sillage !

    Thumbs up !!!

    01st August, 2012

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