Rosa Flamenca (2004)
by Les Parfums de Rosine


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Year of Launch2004
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseLes Parfums de Rosine
PerfumerMarie-Hélène Rogeon

About Rosa Flamenca

Rosa Flamenca is a feminine perfume by Les Parfums de Rosine. The scent was launched in 2004 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Marie-Hélène Rogeon

Reviews of Rosa Flamenca

A rare one to find, despite it being only twelve years old.

The opening is quite weird and off-putting, very turpentine, as Tania Sanchez and most reviewers here note. This may be the fig leaf. It does calm down to a warm orange rose with the edge of petitgrain and sandalwood to buoy it up, but it never achieves anything more than adequate status for me.

A simple configuration, which could have done without its initial weird vibe.

Okay, but in no way unique or special.
24th February, 2016
Genre: Floral

Weird, wild, and wacky, this one. The opening burst of turpentine, camphor, and pimento left me wondering just what they were trying to get at when they concocted this stuff. Once the central rose accord secured its position, Rosa Flamenca began to make a certain type of goofball sense to me: it’s the fragrance equivalent of a dada installation.

The odors of damask, alba, and gallica roses (the ones most often used in perfumery,) all include a certain sharp, winey, yet “chemical” edge. Most perfumes try to round out this angularity with sweet white flowers, creamy woods, or vanilla. Rosa Flamenca sets it front and center, flanked by notes that you’d expect in a garage, not in a garden. I’m somehow reminded of Duchamp’s urinal mounted proudly on an art museum wall.

A mellow woods and musk base eventually reveals itself beneath Rosa Flamenca’s raucous surface, and it’s this eminently civilized foundation that ultimately renders the scent wearable. So while it flirts dangerously with being an olfactory joke, Rosa Flamenca winds up being a refreshingly original take on a commonplace note. Ole!
25th June, 2014
Constructed with typical Rosine refinement, Rose Flamenca accents the rose heart with cooling, airy, orange blossom and successfully integrates the jasmine (a note that can easily overpower). An ideal summer weather wear you’d think – except that despite a liberal dousing, this struggles to be audible.
25th August, 2012
The first few minutes are Tabasco sauce then it slowly reveals a lovely soft scent like the old Ombre Rose.
01st June, 2010 (last edited: 06th July, 2010)
I searched the pyramid for what might account for this harsh, chemical that I was smelling in the opening… The pyramid was no help – there was nothing in it that could account for the sharp edge. Then I read Way Off Center's review and he pretty much nailed it… turpentine and camphor. There it was… turpentine… and it took fifteen minutes for it to develop into something else – into something tolerable: a rich and fully dramatic rose accord that is lightly sweet and totally engaging. The heart of the fragrance is hugely rose. A Georgia O'Keefe rose augmented by jasmine and fig leaf that fill out and provide a white border and a green frame to the exuberant rose. I’m not a huge fan of rose, but I enjoy this rose / jasmine / green combination, and it holds on to my skin providing good sillage for a more than adequate length of time. The semi-sweet base – sandalwood and white musk – moves in to center the entire fragrance. Rosa Flemenca is a dramatic fragrance whose edginess could easily have gone over the top… but it doesn’t: It is successfully filled with drama, passion, and movement. It’s ingeniously assembled and well named. (Edit of 22 November 2008 review.)

22nd November, 2008 (last edited: 17th December, 2016)
oo I love this one! warm, rich & sunny blend of orange blossom & rose. not too sweet or high pitched, it's well-rounded & full in flavor, yes a little more sheer than I like.. but it's so lovely & comforting a smell to me so I just spritz a lil more often!
07th August, 2008

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