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Crystal Noir (2004)
by Versace


Crystal Noir information

Year of Launch2004
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

PerfumerAntoine Lie
Parent CompanyEuroitalia
Parent Company at launchGiver Profumi

About Crystal Noir

Crystal Noir is a feminine perfume by Versace. The scent was launched in 2004 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Antoine Lie

Reviews of Crystal Noir

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United States
I wear this daily but not alone. I layer it with Hanae Mori Blue Butterfly. I get many compliments on that combination. Sometimes even after having it on for 10 hours.
21st June, 2015

CRYSTAL NOIR is a Unforgettable Experience.A cosmopolitan Fragrance that is a Pleasant Surprise too.I am Simply In Love with this Beautiful Scent. Sultry,Elegant,Sophisticated, Appealing,Exotic,Irresistible,Addictive and quite Feminine.

The Composition this one is a Seductive Elixir as Never Stop compliments from both Women and Men.It is a nice Mix of flowers that is Feminine without being too Floral.All notes are Adorable and i like the fresh crisp notes at the begining but i Love the deep essence that surrounds Everybody after.

In my opinion this VERSACE EDP Suitable for Every age and Every taste because is really Fragrant and Beautiful.Very Good with a Suede Jacket.Definitely a Scent that you want to wear for a Special Evening on the town.Great for AUTUMN Weather. Really worth trying.

Sillage?Very Good.

Longevity?About 8 hours on my skin by EDP.

10th May, 2015
Being that this is a Versace perfume, I really expected better of it. Disappointing.
24th February, 2015
I'm looking at my mother's potted gardenias as I write this
Does this scent do that gorgeous flower any justice? Sort of.
The gardenia notes are very present and demand attention
They are warm and dry, kind of like if I placed the flowers on a wooden plank and set them out in the sun
Somewhere in the mid notes I detect pineapple or grapefruit. Not bad.
I'm not too pleased with the synthetic sandalwood dry down
I realize I prefer the dewy/mossy type of gardenia, not a dry woody or peppery type
Also, the coconut note is very suntan lotion, but I also detect a slight peanutty note which I think keeps it from completely going into the Coppertone territory.
Overall ok, made me happy and think of summer for a while on this frigid February day.
19th February, 2015
It's not a lie if I say this is the most popular women fragrance in my country!
Every girl has/had at least one bottle of this fragrance in her collection.
I had a chance to test it out on my skin via my sample and see what's the magic of this fragrance that drive most women crazy!
The opening of this fragrance is semi fresh fruity scent with sharp and peppery aroma and some sweetness in the background.
The pepper note is a bit strong at the start but fades away really quick and give his space to the yummy coconut!
The coconut scent doesn't smell tropical like "Creed VIW" for example. it's more sweet than "VIW" and to be honest it's not as quality as Creed but it's really pleasant.
Beside this semi fresh coconuty scent you can smell some bright floral notes too.
Now in the dry down, the white and bright floral notes become stronger and give the scent a very natural and relaxing smell.
It's very interesting that the white floral notes have almost an earthy feeling too. it's like being in a meadow with tons of white flowers and beside the smell of those flowers you can smell the earth, rocks and other natural things in your sight.
Very beautiful mid.
Now in the base, it's time for sweet vanilla plus weaker floral notes to shine. it's very pleasant but not as great as the mid.
Both projection and longevity is very good.
I think it's not suitable for a man, but it's a magical and charming fragrance on a woman.
02nd June, 2014
Over the top

I wish I could be kind about this fragrance, but I keep getting images of Donatella Versace in my head all the while I'm wearing it, and it's not a pretty sight! This wears like a cheap perfume on me, cloyingly sweet and redolant of too much of everything. Over-the-top, like Donatella herself. If fragrance is a tool of seduction, this is the jack-hammer of perfumes.

All of the notes unfold simultaneously and hit me smack in the face with their loudness. Sweet, sweet, some coconut, and more sweet. Oh, this is a scrubber. I have no woody base--or, apparently, ANY kind of base, to look forward to to rellieve the nose-numbing white florals that are now assaulting me.
I imagine some might find this appealing, but in its category, it's a poor contender against the many lush, smooth white florals available on the market today.

And I still don't understand what makes this "noir".

PS: this is the first fragrance which has required me to take a shower BEFORE I go to the gym.

Pros: Big white floral x10
Cons: Big white floral x10"

21st September, 2013

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