Dear John (2004)
by Gorilla Perfume [Lush] (originally by B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful)


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Year of Launch2004
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseGorilla Perfume [Lush]
Originally byB Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful
Parent CompanyLush

About Dear John

Dear John is a masculine fragrance by Gorilla Perfume [Lush]. The scent was launched in 2004

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Reviews of Dear John

It’s not bad at all, but to me it smells like a bitter Eau de Cologne. In Lush style.
25th February, 2018
Marais Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Gather round kiddies, whilst uncle relates a serendipitous tale of fragrant derring-do. My quest begins in John Lewis, fruitlessly seeking a sample of the new AdP. As usual, no sign of it. Crestfallen, I repair to the top floor cafe, seeking solace in an overpriced bacon sarnie. Loins girded, it's back to the fragrance section for another look-see. There's that new Spicebomb Intense! Not bad at all...bit much for summer though.

Emerging happier yet ultimately unfulfilled, I make my way to M&S, having heard tell of another sale. En route, I spy the Lush store and chance my arm, recalling great things about that new sandalwood, Smuggler's Soul. There it is! One spray to the right arm, jolly good. Oooh, bit skanky innit! Hang on, what's this? 'Death and Decay'. Sounds right up my olfactory alleyway. Two sprays to the left arm. Hmmm, that's nice. I'll see how this develops. Now on to M&S, before those heavily discounted green/beige t-shirts/slacks are sold out. Hello, a teapot for a tenner! Yes please! Lid's a bit fiddly but you can't argue with the price.

Oh my, this 'Death and Decay' is rather good! Shall I treat myself? Why not! I've paid more for samples! Back to Lush it is. What! There's an oil in the same scent! Dab, dab. Funny, smells nothing like it! Eh? I see... I misread the label earlier. I've been wearing 'Dear John' all along! Odd name, same as that limp 80s sitcom. Not sure I like this Death and Decay one. Lilies and jasmine. No, I don't. Shall I get Smuggler's Soul? Not today, don't be greedy.

Right, enough fannying about, I've run out of space for further testing anyway (goes to till).

My lucky find is a delightful, fresh, classical-styled citrus/vetiver, made more interesting by a dry, spicy foil provided by light clove and coffee notes. Nothing groundbreaking, no, but very decent. Safe as houses (except for cloveophobes, maybe), and would make a good inexpensive gift for any male relative who has outgrown his sweet tooth. Longevity good, projection lowish but adequate (from 8 sprays). Great for summer.

02nd July, 2015
Review of the re-issue in 2010 by Gorilla Perfumes, previously B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful:

Lemon and lime opening that turns honey-like and then almost greasy smelling, sort of coconut-oily. The central arrangement of clove, coriander, cinnamon and nutmeg generates an unmistakable effect of… wait for it… Lebkuchen. But those Lush signature citrus notes adamantly refuse to let Dear John evolve into a properly gourmand treat. And that's not all: there's a weird, burnt match-like smell late in the day. All of which leads me to enquire, Dear John, what exactly would you like to be?
28th September, 2012
Starts off really zesty, spicy and crisp, really lovely, however that first impression is quite short lived, and the lime, pine and coriander fade into the background very quickly. All that's left afterwards is a boring and very standard soapy scent. Hugely disappointing, because it really smells great to start off with. I guess I was just expecting something more unusual and special, since that's what I love about LUSH scents.
The staying power is pretty pathetic, after half an hour it's almost completely gone. The one thing I do like about this scent once it's dried down and almost faded is the sort of gourmand cookie note that comes out, however it's not listed in the notes so I'm not sure where that comes from.
09th October, 2010
B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful’s perfumer, Mark Constantine, clearly likes to spend some time hanging around the Comme des Garcons counter. This smells like a confusion of what CdG does really well – warm, deep, hearty spices and bright, zesty synthetics.

It’s supposed to be coffee and lime, apparently. But that comes off as a rich, sweet clove accord with an enthusiastic, effervescent top note. It’s clearly synthetic, like a cinnamon sherbert latte in a plastic cup that’s been put through a Soda Stream. But that’s what makes it very good indeed.
06th September, 2009
Mitulove Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Lovingly created from traditional masculine notes of clove and cedarwood, Dear John is a comforting, soothing fragrance. Sharpened with the vibrancy of uplifting lime and mandarin this woody, musky scent has a wonderfully aromatic quality. Add to this a hint of just brewed coffee, spicy cassia and black pepper and it conjures feelings of security and trust in an instant. Musky and a little smoky too, its reassuring warmth will make the wearer incredibly huggable. I really want to like fragrances from this new sister company of Lush, but so far I'm having no luck. I smelled this from the bottle and tried it myself--it faded fast on my skin and hung around stinkily on the fabric of my shirt. My husband put it on, but it almost immediately disappeared on him as well *sigh*. From the description and from the bottle I had such high hopes.
21st January, 2007

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