Ladyboy (2004)
by B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful


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Year of Launch2004
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseB Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful
Parent CompanyLush

About Ladyboy

Ladyboy is a masculine fragrance by B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful. The scent was launched in 2004

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jujy54 Show all reviews
United States
Was this inspired by Amy WInehouse's "Stronger than ME", where she calls her disappointing lover a "ladyboy" ("Feel like I'm a lady, and you my lady boy...")?
02nd August, 2012
Yeah, this is a very strange mix of notes which create a really odd fragrance. I totally get the banana and violet. I found out rather quickly that banana and violet do not smell good together. Through in another really odd note or accord which some say is seaweed and it's more of a freak attraction at a circus than an actual fragrance. I can't imagine a woman or a man feeling comfortable wearing this.
03rd June, 2012
Very sweet and very in-your-face. An odd, unusual scent.
I wish it didn't have that gawd-awful name... that predisposes me to dislike it intensely. Whereas if I approach it on its own terms I can say that I don't like it but it is quite distinctive and perhaps even interesting.
The banana note is true enough, black bananas turning to sludge in a bowl. That piercing, heady note is similar the gas they give off.
Then, there is an odd, toasty-biscuit and rubbery vegetable note, like moldy compost left sitting for a while. Perhaps that is the seaweed.
Still, these notes are not wretched... just very odd. I don't find anything remotely attractive about this, yet strangely I can say that I've smelled far worse.
It is not overtly synthetic and it is quite different from anything I've ever encountered.
Well, what more can be said? Try it for yourselves and come to your own conclusion.
02nd March, 2012
chorando Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A confused and misguided foray into boundary pushing perfumery. The story begins with a perfume inspired by the warm weather of Copacabana - Brasil and yet we awkwardly find ourselfs in Bangkok celebrating the gender bluring talents of ladyboys. Banana managed to find a place in Dolce & Gabbana's Sicily where it added a fruity warmth. Here we reference overwrought Banana loaf flavoured with Banana Essence in extemis. I think history is really trying to tell us something here. Maybe Banana doesn't feature in perfume for a reason. I love the street smells of Asian Cities, the combination of the Fragrant and the foul. The idea of fresh sweat, tropical flowers, street food and makeup heavily applied is incredibly appealling to me. This is a 'Ladyboy' smell I would have embraced. But Banana essence with a peardrop chaser and parma thanks.
18th November, 2011
I really wanted to like this because it seemed so unusual, and I like all the different notes by themselves, but somehow the combination (especially banana and violet) seems a little overwrought and synthetic. If only the chamomile were a little stronger! If this perfume were a person, he/she would be whiny, dramatic and annoying.
This scent just seems really unsophisticated, and while I've smelled worse things, I definitely wouldn't wear this.
09th October, 2010
this smells of childrens cough medicine, originally i was attracted to the uniqueness of this perfume, and it is fun and diffrent, but artifical banana runts is pushin it, the violets bring everything to a wearable level, so im neutral with this, i wont buy again, but ill eventally try it again.
06th January, 2010

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