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Alien (2005)
by Thierry Mugler


Alien information

Year of Launch2005
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseThierry Mugler
PerfumerDominique Ropion
PerfumerLaurent Bruyère
Parent CompanyGroupe Clarins

About Alien

Alien is a feminine perfume by Thierry Mugler. The scent was launched in 2005 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Laurent Bruyère and Dominique Ropion

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Reviews of Alien

I own the Eau de Parfum. to me Alien is (think real flowers) a tad of Tiger Lily and then all Jasmine, & fresh air. I have a huge amount of jasmine which grows on the back fence, far from the house, but when it blooms and I open the sliding glass doors, I can smell it alllll the way to my house. that jasmine bush smells heady & magic, it makes you close your eyes and breathe it in. i wear Alien to work almost exclusively and it's because i alwaysssss get told "you smell good" "what are you wearing?" strangers in elevators, everywhere. in fact, that is how I came to buy it. i walked in a club house at a friends condo. there was only one woman there. I asked her, hey, what's that smell in this room, it's incredible. bcuz so many people mention it, I asked my boss if I had too much on, she said no, you smell clean.
by the way, you need ONE or TWO dabs or sprays, it is STRONG, with great sillage and longevity. Well worth the price
27th October, 2017
Vile, Vile, Vile, disgusting acrid, bitter, nasty, abominable thing!

Rivals Secretions Magnifiques as being the worst thing ever devised, created and fobbed off on a public who obviously has lost all of its taste.

I opened this on my porch. Immediately three passing dogs turned over, barked their last and expired on my sidewalk. Their owners keeled over and hit their heads on the pavement. Once the ambulance arrived, the medics immediately put on their gas masks. I was warned to "Put it down, sir, and walk away from it."

I did so and they picked up the sample vial with plastic gloves and dropped it into a container for the lab to follow up on.

If you like this, cut your nose off. Your face will be the better for it.
24th July, 2017
Jasmine? Where are you? Very faint floral top note quickly cashmere and woods came in and turns sour type of woods.

Not your typical floral or wood scent, I like sweet, floral, fruity, aquatic, cream, vanilla type of scent and Alien is not those. If you're a non fruity floral vanilla fan try this one.

Color I think of: dark green, black, dark purple.
Words I think of: mature, elegant, serious business.
Suitable age (objective): 45+
24th December, 2016
This is a lovely perfume that I almost skipped because it's so commonly worn.

Alien starts with some sharp white florals (mostly jasmine), a lot of sweetness and a hint of woods and metal. After about an hour it settles in nicely to a somewhat sweet creamy (almost nougat like) jasmine that has a touch of powder to it (possibly some sandalwood).

I like it much more than I had originally thought I would. Because it is so widely available and because Thierry Mugler is such a popular house, this has the stigma of being seen as "ordinary" or "generic", when it isn't. Yes, it has the ever popular elements of white floral and sweetness, but it's done in a way that is different enough (and lasts decently enough) to be more enjoyable than mass market sugar or fruity/floral bombs. Sillage is soft to moderate (about 2-3 feet) and lasting power is about 5-6 hours. Really lovely and versatile fragrance. I think my favorite time to wear it would be Fall/Winter day or night.
05th December, 2016
This is a perfume I fell in love with, beautiful, different, true to its name. I went to buy it, but when I got to the counter to smell the tester to make sure the love and attraction was still there, it turned me off. The scent was overly strong in the commercial way. Perhaps that was an old batch or one that had been in the heat. If there was a lighter version of it, I would reconsider.
20th September, 2016
Alien is the fragrance I love despite myself. I sort of dislike everything the perfume stands for, it's name, the gaudy packaging, not to mention it's notoriety. Alien is too well known for it's own good in a way, it's celebrity making it feel that bit too obvious, and therefore overplayed and unrefined. Thierry Mugler seems to be the worst kept secret in perfumery. And yet, the scent itself is so appealing and irresistible to me, that I overcome my snobbery and all these things, the name, the packaging, they pale into insignificance because at the end of the day: I love that smell. It's as simple as that. However loud and conspicuous there is something in the combination of notes in this fragrance that always pulls me in. It is sort of a throw back to the 80s in it's big brassy unabashedly sexy floral nature. It's kind of brash and overt in it's sexiness so I have to be in a very specific mood to wear it - usually a winter's evening, it should be worn with heels. It should feel dated by now I tell myself but Alien remains a heady and intoxicating magic potion I can't help but adore, an ex-lover who is no good but I keep coming back to anyway.
14th June, 2016

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