Spark Seduction for Men (2004)
    by Liz Claiborne

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    Tony T
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    Cardamon/pepper scent.. no evolution.. stays close to the skin.. no basenotes at all

    Pros: CHEAP
    Cons: Claiborne "

    07 September, 2013

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    Never have I so thoroughly agreed with an analysis as I do with SirSlarty's review below.

    Spark Seduction just takes the boozy, synthetic amber-iness of the original Spark and slathers it in a fairly pleasant grapefruit.

    Too little, too late, though.

    07 April, 2009

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    I received this in a swap. I had tried the original Spark and thought no more of it until I saw a flanker. I see flankers as either an attempt to rectify a flop release or to milk more money out of the line (I'm looking at YOU Curve). Sedectution makes the original Spark look like a heavy, unbearable and overly sweet alcoholic fragrance and turns it into a lighter and more "fresh" feeling fragrance. Unfortunately the seductions doesn't last very long but it is quite pleasing. Woods and boozy notes on top and a fresh zingy pepperiness throughout with a sweet musky base. NMice but still has that "I'm a Liz Claiborne fragrance and I'm very chemical and synthetic" balance to it.

    18 January, 2009

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    I like both Spark Seduction and Spark and unfortunately gave my bottle of Spak away. I wish I hadn't because I think I liked the original Spark somewhat more. I rarely wear this. It's a nice fragrance but if I don't wear something and it just sits in the draw what's the point of owning it. I can't remember the last time I wore it. Maybe I'll put some on today. For some reason I don't feel that I stand out when wearing it as I do when I wear other fragrances.

    27 April, 2008

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    Noticeably different from regular Spark, I prefer Seduction because it is less 'cheap booze' and more 'sweet candy pie'. As mentioned earlier it doesn't have a drydown perse but it stays nice and coherent thru out its scent life. Not bad.

    09 February, 2007

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    The opening is a gorgeous mix of cedar and bourbon, one of the most pleasant scents I have ever experienced. Unfortunately there isn't really a drydown, the topnotes just fade away fairly quickly and there isn't much left to smell after a couple hours. If this lasted longer it would be in my top 5.

    12 November, 2005

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