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Cumming (2004)
by Alan Cumming


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Year of Launch2004
AvailabilityIn Production / Limited Edition
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HouseAlan Cumming
PerfumerChristopher Brosius

About Cumming

Cumming is a masculine fragrance by Alan Cumming. The scent was launched in 2004 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Christopher Brosius

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Reviews of Cumming

An attractive leather-based, boozy, cigar-smelling but not smoky fragrance. Quite abstract too, for all those 'concrete' notes. A bit medicinal in the opening, but that dries down to a comfortable aromatic. Modern, urban, and masculine. Thumbs up.
29th November, 2015
Genre: Leather

I experienced an episode of instantaneous recognition when I first smelled Cumming: take Olivia Giacobetti’s Dzing!, pare away the vanilla candy to isolate the pungent barnyard and riding boots accord, and you’ve got Cumming. Or something very like it, at any rate. Where Dzing! uses sugary vanilla, Cumming employs smoke, tobacco, and dry aromatics to set off its intensely animalic leather. The resulting scent is more than a little raunchy, but never crude. References to cigars and whisky in descriptions of this scent are accurate, but the unabashedly animalic accent keeps Cumming far from the stuffy men’s club territory occupied by Vintage Tabarome and Baladin.

While Cumming is by no means weak, it does wear close to the skin, so I doubt those beyond arm’s reach will detect it easily. Lasting power is adequate, if unexceptional, with a mossy wood and leather drydown setting in after four to six hours. Lovers of animalic leather scents like Montale’s Oud Cuir d’Arabie or Eau d’Hermès ought to give Cumming a try. It’s just as bold and distinctive, but less loud, and hence easier to wear. Very good stuff.

12th June, 2014
One crazy fragrance,thats all i can say.If your looking for different, this is the one. Smells like an old backyard thats been dug up, then a kind of semi sweet,mellow scent comes thru........
22nd April, 2013
With such a name, I'd expected something extremely challenging, provocative, unapologetic and sort of love-or-hate but, Cumming, is a very easy to like fragrance. Basically this is a leather centered composition with boozy notes, a smoky-cigar accord and something else that strikes halfway bewteen spices and coniferous hints. If all of this may bring to mind fragrances such as Idole De Lubin or cetrain deliveries from Frapin, be advised that Cumming is VERY far from either being surrounded by a remarkable urban vibe as opposed to the spice market allure and oriental quality of both the Lubin and Frapin.

Cumming is modern and with its abstract nature, it clearly shows the experimental aspect of most of the Christopher Brosius' compositions for CB I Hate Perfumes and Demeter. The opening is quite misterious with a boozy accord of whiskey and an extremely aromatic dry-tobacco quality. It's like smelling a cigar and then lick it while holding in your hand an opened Zippo. This accord is very efemeral and it's immediately joined by a bold animalic leather note that brings to mind of saddled horses passing by in the streets of London or New York. The strong animalic presence is handled to achive a metrosexual, sort of urban vibe as opposed to the typical barnyard/cowboy imaginary of most of the compositions that move in the same direction. In this context, Cumming is a damn sexy fragrance that will appeal to both hardcore leather fans and experimentalist-avanguardist perfumistos.

Overall Cumming is a moderately powerful composition that while staying quite close to the skin throghout its evolution, it's still able to provide an incredibly distinctive allure with its oxymoronic dirty-clean presence. One of a kind. An hidden gem.

08th April, 2012 (last edited: 10th April, 2012)
mumsy Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I put this on as the first Mr Brosius scent I had ever tried. I had no idea what to expect but it is quite an extraordinary olfactory adventure. It seems the more you sniff, the more you get and the more the imagination can take hold.

I'm getting a big leather studded armchair, a leather briefcase, including the metallic clasps, a woolly jumper, paper that has been thumbed, there is a bit of fountain pen ink, a cigar that has been smoked but is out and the butt is in a far away ashtray, there is a current bun in the distance, a watered down peaty whisky. There is a peppery skin, very slightly sweaty in a nice way with a trace of that mornings gentlemans cologne left. I'm not getting any fireplace, only the cigar ashtray bit.

Overall, it feels safe and secure, making me have a desire to snuggle up to this comfy person. It is an incredibly evocative smell and it reminds me of the older men in my family although not as an equal, more like an enveloping sort of smell, such as a child would perceive on a grandfathers knee.

I would value this as an olfactory painting rather than as a perfume. I liked the journey and didn't want it to stop. It almost made one sad as it dried down, like a fading memory. Mr Brosius, thank you for this little trip to the past.
03rd November, 2011
I want to like this more than I do: I'm generally a fan of Christopher Brosius' brashly inventive scents; I think Alan Cumming is a swell guy; and it's always a hoot to be able to answer "Cumming!" when someone asks what perfume I'm wearing. But the truth is that this smells pretty much like several other frags in the CB I Hate Perfume range: a little bit of damp earth, a whiff of greenery, and not much else. (I can inhale until my lungs hurt and don't get any of the whiskey, pepper, leather, smoke, or rubber notes listed in the official description.) I'm happy to keep it in my collection as a curiosity, and it's good to know that all the proceeds go to charity- but for wearability and interest I'll stick with CB's special edition "Faggot" (think incense and burning leaves) ...which come to think of it is also pretty fun to say when people ask me what I'm wearing.

Note: this review is based on the 2010 "2nd Cumming" issue in the "Water Perfume" format, which is described on CB's website as being the same formula as the original "Cumming".
04th March, 2011

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