Flowerbomb (2004)
    by Viktor & Rolf

    Flowerbomb Fragrance Notes

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    Mufta Mamma
    United States United States

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    Oh Yuck! It's initial scent is of the foul-smelling formic acid used in cheap colognes; This gives way rapidly (thank goodness) to an unpleasant bouquet of "Raid" insect spray and the artificial, sickeningly sweet odor of S'More-flavored white chocolate, as found in some mass-market candy bars. It's a strident scent that lasts quite a while.

    31st January, 2014

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    Shifty Bat
    United States United States

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    If you love the smell of the marshmallows you grow in your flower garden then this is the one for you. Not bad for the semi-gourmand floral category but there are many that pull it off better.

    21st January, 2014

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    Flowerbomb to me is a sweet candy like smell which i love in a perfume, the bottle is also very nice. Unfortunately for me the perfume seems to dissapear after only a couple of hours. If you like Flowerbomb you could also tryD AND G POUR FEMME as this has a similiar smell to me,,,,,, In fact this is the one i choose first now before my Flowerbomb.

    11th December, 2013

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    Sweden Sweden

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    I agree with flaming_june0101, I used to love this bomb - I felt like The Bomb wearing it! Eventually my bottle was empty and while I saved up money for a new one I discovered it on others and yes, they smelled cheap! Maybe because I recognised it and remembered how I used to be (very young) and therefor didn't like it, I don't know... It's a great fragrance for young people, but as a grown-up I don't feel comfortable wearing it.

    12 March, 2013

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    I used to love this fragrance. I wore it every day for a couple if months. But then I smelled it on an acquaintance and it smelled so cheap and cloying. That ruined it for me. I feel like it smells great on me, but smelling it on another person opened my eyes to another facet that I didn't like. This one will go on the shelf for a little bit.

    17 February, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Ah, Flowerbomb. I want to like it just because I love the name, but I simply can't. It's that pink pepper/patchouli/amber smell that every single smellalike woman's designer perfume smells like like now, mixed with marshmallows. There are some bubblegum fruits in there, some sort of dark green spice that I think is supposed to balance the treacle but just smells "off," and possibly some kind of flowers, but any floral notes in here (despite the name) are unimportant sweeteners buried in a thick, sticky sea of marshmallow fluff and common-smelling pink pepper goop.

    This smells common in the most literal way: If you go to a bar full of girls wearing perfume, they'll all smell like this. It's not that they're all wearing Flowerbomb, it's that Flowerbomb, as well as the dozens of other perfumes you'll smell, all have the the same basenotes and throwaway topnotes, so every girl at a bar, or on a bus, or in an office smells like this same pink pepper/patchouli/amber/marshmallow smell. Obviously the ladies of the world love this smell, but as a perfume aficionado, I just can't get get excited about yet another one of these.

    02 July, 2012

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