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Basic Instinct (2004)
by Victoria's Secret


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Year of Launch2004
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseVictoria's Secret
Parent CompanyLimited Brands > Intimate Brands

About Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct is a feminine perfume by Victoria's Secret. The scent was launched in 2004

Reviews of Basic Instinct

I find this perfume a faithful copy of Narciso Rodriguez only a little more on the sour side. Narciso R. has just a hint of a little sweetness which makes it superior to Basic Instict. It has great longevity and sillage. Sometimes, I couldn't tell the difference between one or the other, so I set out to spray one on one arm, and the other on the other arm, and compared. Narciso R. is more sophisticated, more complete and cohesive, thus a better choice if you want to buy one or the other. Overall, basic instinct is the cheaper way to acquire almost the same smell.
15th January, 2017
Normally, I avoid Victoria's Secret fragrances like the plague. I just don't have any affinity for that esthetic. But this scent came as a bonus in a vintage perfume purchase I made and.... well, I have to admit that if you are a fan of the time when perfumes were big and bold, and white flowers were over the top, this holds some appeal. I don't love "loud" perfumes and I don't love tuberose. But yet, I don't hate this. It's too, too much on first spray, but quickly begins a dramatic journey through many stages, from screechy, syrupy white floweriness to powdery to fruity to musky. It wound up, three or four hours in, reminding me of SJP's Lovely -- a decent perfume, even if not my favorite kind of scent. Basic Instinct seems like a different fragrance in each iteration. I don't think I've ever worn a perfume that had more distinct phases. I'd been sure I'd pass the little vial on... now I think I might keep it around a little while. Weirdly, I keep wanting to smell it. It's "grabby" that way. (Must be the boozy note, which I've always been drawn to.) But I can assure you I'll apply it by first spraying on a Q tip and dabbing on my skin. This one is too powerful for even a single full spray.
05th August, 2016
This one was a bit of a surprise for me. It's very powdery, and has a more mature and sophisticated vibe than most other Victoria's Secret offerings, which tend to have a fruity, juicy flair for the younger crowd... but this is different. It has a timeless quality, probably due to all that powder. Patchouli is strong here, but not offputting, for those who are hesitant about the note. It dances effortlessly with the plum and white floral notes, just the right blend to create a soothing, dark, sophisticated and seductive scent. Very well done, and a shame it's discontinued.

This is similar to Natori, except that Natori has a sparkling, effervescent (aldehydic) quality to it that Basic Instinct lacks. Not that that's a bad thing, they're just a bit different.
12th June, 2016
I love tuberose. I love its ability to be sexy in one scent and coy in the next. Now on to this fragrance...

It wasn't love at first sniff. It was actually more like love by accident. I wanted the black evening bag which contained a trial-sized bottle of Basic Instinct. I tried on the fragrance and liked it, and only liked it. One night I went out to a swanky bar with some friends and fell head over heels in love with it. It needed a time and a place to be enjoyed, like a good chianti, which is good on its own but better with a linguini bolognese.

I love, love, love the tuberose in Basic Instinct. I love the plum which lends a slight sweetness. I love the lingering vanillic rose when the scent has dried down. I love how velvety it all comes together. Strangely, Basic Instinct is the provocative, zaftig older sister to Ralph Lauren's Romance's virginal pixie.

It's long-lasting and it's sexy. Most important, it's sexy.
10th December, 2011
This is so 80s, so big-hair, so sequins and stilettos. Sharing the same name as the Sharon Stone film, you should get an idea about what this juice is about. It screams sex. Not sexy sex...more like porn-star sex or fake boob sex or Kardashian sex. It is not subtle AT ALL. The sillage is monstrous, and the frag literally SCREAMS its orchid/wine/wood /plum composition at anyone within range.

This frag is synthetic and over-the-top. The packaging is boring (purple plastic tube-shaped bottle with silver accents), the name is kitsch, and the juice is far too obvious for me, but I can see where it would come in handy: at the opera, maybe, or to an adult-themed masquerade ball. When you want to be noticed, wear Basic Instinct. If you prefer a more subtle signature, avoid!

Oddly enough, I keep coming back to this one, to see if maybe this time I'll like it. I take off the translucent purple cap and Basic Instinct is about as subtle as Sharon Stone's interrogation scene in the movie of the same name. It's a blatant seduction. If that's your style, it will be amplified by this scent: the fragrance equivalent of a really randy cougar lady coming for you.
11th November, 2011
Basic Instinct reminds me of D&G's "Light Blue" and I like how it is clean and sexy, obviously, but sort of masculine, at the same time. Smells kind of peppery and spicy, too, which I like.
13th October, 2008

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